Why You Should Plant Flower Bulbs in the Fall

Fall is the perfect time to plant your Spring bulb such as daffodils, lilies and tulips

Fall just arrived but I want to tell you that now is the time to prepare for Spring. Now you may be saying but “Amy, Spring, and Summer just got over, I want the cold weather, the hoodies and bonfires.” And you are not wrong! But now is the time to plant your Spring bulbs in order to have pretty flowers come March and April.

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Tulips bulbs should be planted in Fall in order to have a beautiful showing in Spring

You may have noticed bulbs in your local home store’s garden section and they have them there because now is the time to plant. You could still plant bulbs in Spring but they won’t bloom until the following year. The weather here in the Pacific Northwest is perfect right now for planting. We are having a spell of warmer weather but with a crispness to the air that signals Fall has arrived.

I will be planting some daffodils, tulips, lilies, crocus, and alliums. I was lucky enough to be given some tulip and lily bulbs from my Aunt who was dividing hers.

Divided tulip bulbs ready to be planted


The easiest way for me to plant bulbs is to dig a circle and place the bulbs randomly in the circle. This way they look more natural when blooming as if they were that way in nature.

Planting tulips doesn't take much science, dig a big hole and plop some bulbs in about 4-6" under the mulch layer


Each bulb type has a general depth when planting bulbs. See the chart below for a guide on how deep to plant bulbs.

Bulb planting chart from Better Homes & Gardens

Source: Better Homes & Gardens




Sources to Buy Bulbs


These are some of my favorite sources for buying bulbs:

  • Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm (this is local here in Oregon but they do ship in the US except for AK, HI, territorial islands and Canada)
  • Amazon– Their selection is actually very vast and unique, the sources are many different big and small farms and nurseries
  • Burpee-They are a huge source of all things flowers, vegetables and many other perennials and annuals
  • Local Garden Center


Although you have to put in some hard work now you will be thankful come Spring when all those pretty flowers start poking out of the ground.


Tulips planted in the Fall will be beautiful come Spring





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