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Confession! I have always wanted to whitewash a brick fireplace, is that weird?!? I think because it just immediately updates a room and brightens a dark space. The house I grew up in had a brick fireplace and I always wanted to change it, but it is also a scary thing since paint is so permanent on the brick! But it doesn’t have to be scary, this is an easy DIY that you can accomplish.

This fireplace is in the living room and we are lucky to have a slider and a very big window that let in a lot of natural light. My main focus was to update this space especially since the floors were finished and the walls and trim were painted, the red brick just looked out of place. I had done a lot of research and Pinterest and determined that it wouldn’t hurt to do a whitewash fireplace feature because in my opinion anything was better than the red.

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Supplies Used to DIY a Whitewash Fireplace:

Here was part of my prep picture:

How to update a fireplace with some paint and water to give it a modern fresh look

This picture does not include the painters’ tape that Justin advised me to put on the floor around the brick, I’m not sure why I didn’t think about that! You can also see that I had started painting the window trim and we had the wall color on, I chose Behr’s Weathered Moss for the wall color.

The whitewashing itself was easier than I had anticipated, I used a white eggshell paint that I had leftover from our previous house and mixed it together with equal parts water in small paint pail, I just brushed on the paint mixture in the grooves first as the mortar takes more paint than the face of the bricks. I only did one coat over the entire fireplace and it took a couple of hours.


Here is the final look! Such a great change right?!? And this project was very inexpensive, my only expenses were the new paintbrush and the paint pail since I already had the paint and water!

Whitewashing our fireplace transformed our space from outdated to cozy, warm and modern

Below I included a tutorial from Lowe’s that will help for those who are more visual when learning and like to see video with step by step process.


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