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Week 5 of the One Room Challenge was a week ago and I’m a little behind on writing these posts with updates but like they say better late than never. This week was all about how to install peel and stick wallpaper. I have done this once before when I did the ORC for our laundry room. This time however I feel the wallpaper installation was a little easier than before.

A view towards the wall of a room with board and batten and wallpaper installed on the top half of the wall

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Addie and I found this forest animal themed wallpaper from Walls By Me as the first choice and then we searched dozens and dozens of other wallpapers but she kept coming back to the original choice.
I am glad she end up choosing the original design as that wallpaper is why I chose the color for the board and batten.

Supplies Used for Installing Peel and Stick Wallpaper

A close up of a roll of wallpaper hanging on a wall

The wallpaper has greens in it that ties beautifully in with the board and batten color. One thing to remember when ordering wallpaper however is to measure and read how often your pattern repeats. I made this mistake thinking that two rolls would be enough. However I ended up needing 5 rolls total to complete the entire room.

A close up view of forest animal print wallpaper with green leaves as accents

To start I picked a corner on the wall that had the longest run of wallpaper with only the window that I needed to cut around.

The tools that I used was a box cutter and a smoother that I purchased from Walls By Me (these can also be found on Amazon)` when I ordered the wallpaper. Both of these tools were crucial to getting smooth surface and with the new blade on the box cutter it cut great.

One side of the smoother had some fabric like felt attached and the other side was hard plastic. I did notice when I used the black fabric like felt that it did leave black marks occasionally on the wallpaper which is not ideal when the wallpaper has a white background. So for the majority of the time I used the smooth plastic surface to smooth out the wallpaper and crease the paper against the ceiling.

A close up of a wall scraper being used to press down peel and stick wallpaper
A wide view of a wall with board and batten on the bottom and forest wallpaper on the top half of the room

The wallpaper is complete and it’s really bringing the room together! I can’t wait to get this project finished for my little girl.

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