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Walk-in pantries are a wonderful thing. They are so spacious. There is so much potential for organization! Every item deserves a “home” and I have always dreamed of a walk-in pantry in my house if I were so lucky to have one. And as luck would have it when walking through our soon to be new farmhouse I saw it! It was outdated but oh so glorious! I took a picture immediately and sent it to my sister saying “Look at this pantry! Look at all the storage!”

I am sure most people don’t dream of walk-in pantries but after living in our builder grade home for the last 6 years and the lack of storage there I was giddy! No more storing appliances under the stairs!

The pantry itself had no problems functionally, the only downfalls were cosmetic. The laminate flooring dates to the 1970s as you can see and the flooring was what I immediately wanted to change. But in order to replace the floor, we would need to remove the shelving as the supports were right on top of the floor. Since there was no easy way to install new flooring we decided to remove all the shelving. We intended to keep the footprint of the shelving but replace it with melamine so the shelves could be easy to clean if anything spilled.

We took the shelf supports down very carefully as we planned to reuse these with the new melamine shelving.


  • Melamine sheets (3/4″ x 49″ x 97″) 3 sheets                    $89.95
  • Behr paint Shea (1 gallon)                                                $29.98
  • Fairfield County Hickory Laminate flooring   (4 boxes)     $80
  • Shelving supports-reused the old ones                            $0
  • Floor trim-recycled/given to us                                         $0

Total: $199

Pantry Renovation in Progress

The walls were a lime green color, so with the help of my in-laws we painted the room and the shelving supports a shade of white called Shea by Behr paint.


The floor was covered in laminate sheeting and we decided to put down laminate hardwood directly over this. There is a couple reasons for this, one was that we didn’t want to rip up the laminate as we weren’t exactly sure what was underneath, and second was that the laminate, although ugly was in pretty good shape. This laminate hardwood is from Lumber Liquidators, it has a foam backer, it is called Fairfield County Hickory Laminate.

Installing laminate hardwood over laminate sheeting
Laminate hardwood in walk-in pantry

Putting Everything Back Together

The next step after the floor was complete was the melamine shelving. The shelves were not a normal shelving length or width so we ended up buying huge melamine sheets from Home Depot. These sheets were 4′ x 8′ and they were HEAVY! If you plan to do a similar project make sure to have someone to help you with these.

Installing melamine shelving in walk-in pantry


Melamine shelving in a walk-in pantry

While the hubby was working on the floors I painted all the shelving supports white and also painted the edges of the cut melamine white to complete the look.

The floor trim we reused from my parents’ house that they are taking down. I love being able to reuse home items; inexpensive and resourceful!

Finishing Touches

Some final touches we added were coat hooks for my aprons and DIY galvanized pipe shelves for my cookbook collection! I will walk through how to make these step by step in a later post.

How to transform a walk-in pantry for little money

I just love the way this space turned out. The organization is still a work in progress but I love how the white shelving helps everything stand out and it definitely solves an issue of storage for my kitchen. If you have the option for a walk-in pantry, I highly recommend one. It doesn’t have to be big at all just enough space for everything to have a home.








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  1. The re-do looks great! Looking forward to hearing about the pipe shelves and maybe some posts about the canning as well.

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