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A couple years back I started collecting vintage Christmas tree decorations because I loved the worn look, the unique shapes and the dulled shine. Last year I displayed my ever-growing collection on my small pencil tree and realized after last year that I needed a whole tree dedicated to my vintage ornaments. This post is after the holidays because December was a busy month and not great for my mental health. But I know some of you might like to start planning for next years decor so this post will serve as some inspiration.

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So this year I invested in a beautiful 7 foot flocked tree from King of Christmas. This post is not sponsored by them I just wanted to share this amazing tree with you all! I bought it in August when they were having a great deal on trees and an even better deal on open box trees. These are trees that someone was delivered but then returned for some reason.

A side view of a dining room table with a flocked tree sitting at the end of the table going into a living room

I set the tree up a week before Halloween and I will let you know that with any type of flocked tree you buy it will definitely leave a mess on the floor until you are finished fluffing it. One awesome thing about the King of Christmas tree is that it comes with a pair of gloves for fluffing and a bag for storing.

Now I specifically bought this tree so that I could display all my vintage ornaments. My collection has grown so much that last year I could only fit just over half the ornaments on the tree.

This year I was able to display all my vintage ornaments on this tree and those will be the only ornaments that are on this tree. I hope to add to it for years to come.

In addition to the ball ornaments that I have collected I also include these vintage bead ornaments that my Grandparents had on their tree when I was younger. My Dad’s parents had these bead ornaments that were handmade and each of us grandchildren were given ornaments after they passed. They are one of my favorites.

In total we will have three Christmas trees this year. I have the pencil tree that I have had for years that will display my garden themed ornaments, we have the vintage Christmas tree and then we always go out to cut one from a local farm after Thanksgiving.

If you are looking for your own vintage Christmas ornaments I would highly recommend searching on Etsy.

Some may think this is excessive but I say do whatever makes you happy and if having multiple trees in your home is it then good for you.

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