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If you are anything like me you have collections of different items and you like to continually add to it. But what do you do with your collections? Do they sit in a box, in a drawer, or under your bed? Well, I want to tell you to display it! Use your collections in your everyday home decor. The reason you have collected something is that it resonates with you, maybe it’s because the items were given to you, maybe the items are vintage and rare or maybe it’s because they are cute and just make you happy. Whatever your reasoning I say display those items for all to see. Below I have summarized and shown you how I display my different collections to give you ideas for whatever you may collect.

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I have always been someone who hated bare walls, I need art, a picture or something to draw the eye in and be visually appealing. Years ago I found copper molds at a garage sale and thrift store. I immediately fell in love but had no idea what I wanted to do with them. These molds moved with me twice until we moved here to the farmhouse. They are not ideal to use in baking anymore and really too pretty to use in baking. So I decided I wanted to display them on the wall. We used small penny nails to hang all these. Justin so diligently measured the spacing between each one so they would all hang evenly in our eating nook.

Because I love these molds so much I also found some bigger ones at a thrift store that I display in our laundry room.

Copper molds used for display in a laundry room

This also became the case with my Rae Dunn mug collection. (Oh hey! to all you other collectors out there) I am not a crazy collector but I like finding them in the “wild.”  I enjoy displaying them at home as part of my decor and I use them daily to drink my coffee. I found a cute mug rack that perfectly displays them and this saves on cabinet space!

A mug rack perfectly displays my Rae Dunn collection and provides decor for the kitchen


I am a huge fan of open shelving to display collections or just everyday dinnerware that looks like decor. My milk glass collection is displayed on floating shelves in our living room as you can see below. I love the simplicity of milk glass and it’s neutrality helps it fit into any room or decor type.

Milk glass is displayed on open shelving in a living room
Milk glass collection displayed on open shelving

I also used open shelving in our pantry for my cookbook collection. This area really isn’t on display for others to see but since we lack wall space in the kitchen this was the next best spot. But it makes me happy every time I walk into the room and really that’s all that matters. If your collections make you happy you don’t need to worry about anything else.

Cookbook collection displayed on pipe shelving


The last of my favorite ways to display collections is via a curio cabinet which is specifically designed to display breakables, china or collections. My sister has a collection of delft blue ceramic figurines that are so pretty. The curio cabinet has plenty of room for her collection to grow. This specific cabinet use to belong to our grandmother who displayed her collection of owl figurines and bells. It was always fun to look at all the ones she collected on her travels and ones she was given over the years.

Delft blue figurines displayed in a curio cabinet

Glass curio cabinet displaying a delft blue collection

No matter your collection I feel you need to display it! Maybe it’s a holiday collection and you only get it out during that holiday. But everyday collections can be displayed all year long. Collections can be a conversation starter and can be a great way to connect with others. If you don’t have a collection, I say get out there and start one. Choose something that makes you happy and you smile every time you see it. And I would love to know if you have a collection and if so what?!








Sharing is caring!

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