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When it comes to gift-giving for loved ones I enjoy finding items that fit their personality and to gift something they weren’t expecting. And Etsy is one of my favorite places to find unique gifts that are useful and thoughtful. And every year around this time Etsy puts together some great gift guides like this one that includes items under $30! These gift guides are great for those who don’t have time to scroll all the beauties that Etsy has to offer. And I have created my own gift guide of unique flower gift ideas for any flower lover in your life! I myself LOVE flowers and I add more seeds and bulbs to my yard and garden each year but throughout winter here in the Pacific NW when it is drizzly and dreary it is fun to have some pretty flowers to admire!

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Real Pressed Flower Necklaces | Floral Marble Coasters | Peony Flower DIY Paint by Number | Pink Rose White Scarf | Hand Embroidered Floral Hoop | Faux Leather Earrings | Floral Cards Set |Floral Hardcover Notebook | Key Wrist Fob

As a fellow flower obsessed person, I picked all these items because they were ones I knew I would love to receive myself! (Hint, hint hubby!) So I hope this post gave you some unique flower gift ideas for your friend or loved one who loves flowers or just pretty things!

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