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I don’t know about you but I love a good thrift store DIY upcycle project. I found this basket with a hanger at Goodwill for $2.99 years ago. I didn’t have a specific idea for it but I liked it because it was flat on the back and I knew it would be perfect to hang on a door someday. Well this year had received some product from ColorShot. And if you haven’t checked them out I definitely would recommend it. I was provided product in exchange for sharing about them, but I do not share any companies that I don’t thoroughly love.

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Materials Needed for Thrift Store Basket Craft

  • Thrift Store basket
  • Spray paint (I’ve linked my favorite ColorShot that I talk about in the post)
  • cardboard or paper (for blocking the paint)
  • Plastic container (to hold flowers)
  • Black acrylic paint

First off a little bit about ColorShot’s spray paint. I have used many spray paints and their spray paint is just super high quality and the color are so rich that you don’t need that many coats.

An above shot of a basket with a hanger, a plastic container and two cans of ColorShot spray paint in red and green

I decided to turn this basket into a watermelon basket to place cut flowers in. I used an old cereal box to make a cut out of the shape so that I didn’t have to tape it off each time.

A close up of a basket with half covered in cardboard and the top half unpainted
An above shot of a thrift store basket with a red spray painted top and cardboard covering the bottom half of the basket

Once I had done the red, green and white stripe I added some black seeds with a paintbrush and some black acrylic paint.

A watermelon painted basket with white hydrangeas inside hanging on an old white door

I used an old peanut butter container that I was going to recycle as my “vase” to place the cut flowers. This way it was not too heavy once the flowers and water was placed in.

A close up of a watermelon painted basket with white hydrangeas out the top of the basket hanging on a blue house

This project as with most spray paint projects only took about 15 to 20 minutes, including drying time (it was hot outside). And now I have this cute little watermelon basket to hang on the door or next to it and put summer flowers in.

A basket painted with red, white and green to look like a watermelon hanging on an old white door against a blue house

When I first hung it up the hydrangeas were blooming beautifully and I knew they’d be the perfect fit for this watermelon basket craft!

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