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It’s the day after Thanksgiving and you find yourself giddy to find that perfect Christmas tree. The family goes out to hunt and then the light shines from above on a beautifully symmetrical tree that is the perfect height. Fast forward and it is now decorated and adorned with your heirloom ornaments. But it’s still November and you wonder if it will make it to Christmas Day or slowly fall apart with all your hard work.

To keep the above scenario from happening we use a liquid tree preserve in our tree water. My parents have been using this for as long as I can remember to help preserve our Christmas tree. (So really thanks, Tom & Sheila!) And now that I have a family of my own we use it as well and I am one of those that has the tree up before December 1st. When I was a kid we would always buy the Santa Tree Preserve from a local store and it was the only place I could find it until I decided to look on Amazon. (Of course, they would have it, they sell everything!)

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So here it is:

Santa Tree Preserve

Santa Tree Preserve is the best way to keep your Christmas tree needles green and on the tree until Christmas

The directions call for using one cup of the preserve per gallon of water so how much you need will all depend on the size of your tree. We usually use an old milk jug to keep our tree water in so that we always have some mixed up and available when we check the tree. We also let our tree sit outside for a day or two soaking up water in a 5-gallon bucket so that it can drink as much as it can before we bring it in.

So there it is! Our little secret to keeping our tree green. It’s easy and inexpensive which are two of my favorite things!

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