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It’s 2019! And I’m not sure what it is about the New Year but it always inspires me to do some deep cleaning. Maybe it’s the cleaning that happens when all the Christmas decor starts coming down and I notice the dust bunnies and the layer of dust and I break out all the cleaning supplies. I recently tackled the task of cleaning and re-organizing the linen closet and our living room and dining room. I rounded up some of the best organizing products that I used and wanted to share them with you all.

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Best Products for Organizing your Home

Vacuum Storage Bags-These have become my absolute favorite new thing! Now I wonder why I never had these in my life before now. My mother-in-law gifted these to me for Christmas and they are a game changer in our house for our linen closet. We have so much more room now for storage now that the blankets and vacuum sealed.

Scoop Storage Basket-I have used these all over in our pantry that is right in our kitchen and I love that it helps the pantry look so neat and organized! I usually buy snacks at Costco in bulk for the kids like granola bars and applesauce pouches so I empty these out of the boxes and throw them into the basket. This way I can also see when we are running low.

Storage Baskets-I’ve used these all over our house, under our coffee table for stray toys left in the living room and the kids’ magazines. Several also hold craft supplies in my office/craft area.

File Storage-I have found these to be super helpful in organizing the kids’ coloring books and other activity books in our game closet. This way the kid’s books don’t get thrown into a pile.

Glass Jars-In addition to the wire scoop baskets for the pantry I use several of these in our pantry for chocolate chips, bread crumbs, brown sugar, and rice.

Wooden Thread Storage-As some of you may remember we mounted these on the wall in the office/craft area above my sewing machine so that they didn’t take up too much space on the desk in the small room.

Hanging Closet Shoe Organizer– For a small closet this comes in sooo handy to hold on my shoes (especially my obsession with Toms shoes!) It’s also nice to not have them in a pile at the bottom of the closet

Adjustable Drawer Dividers-My mom was the one to introduce these to me. She used these in the kitchen in their new house and I use them in my dresser for dividing socks and other unmentionables 😉

Wall Mounted Wire Organizers-Several of these are on walls in our house, one in my office for office storage and the other in the kitchen for all the kid’s homework and important school items that are easy to find and grab at the ready.

I would love to know if you have any favorite organizing products that you can’t live without. Comment below and let me know!

Sharing is caring!

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