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If your husband is anything like mine then they are extremely hard to shop for. Justin is no exception. He likes things simple, is not a big gadget person and doesn’t even own a tie. I know I have mentioned before that he is a plumber, not the prettiest of occupations. In his downtime he enjoys working in his shop, helping his Dad farm and helping with DIY projects around the house. He helped me with this post compiling the top items on his wish and those that he uses daily and thinks every guy should have. So read on for a list of unique gifts for the husband or Dad in your life.

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Milwaukee Cordless Wet/Dry Vac

Justin uses this cordless wet/dry vacuum at work and says it is a game changer. The fact that it is cordless allows it to go with you wherever you go and makes a great gift for any guy that may work away from home in some form of construction.

Knee Pads

These knee pads have been a life saver, literally for Justin (he had a bout of bursitis a couple years ago). These pads fit inside any type of double knee workwear and are great for those who find themselves kneeling frequently for their job type or hobby (ex. plumbers, welders, electricians, painting, etc). They stay in place in the jean until they start to show wear (they can be washed while in the pants!) and can last anywhere from 6-12 months depending on use.

Carhartt Double Knee Jeans

Of course, I can’t mention the kneepads without mentioning Justin’s favorite jeans. He swears by these and is the only ones he ever wears. They luckily come in different colors too including a dark green, black, brown or grey. The blue jeans wash is by far his favorite though.

Beer Sign

Since we now have the farmhouse Justin has his own spot in his shop. This is his personal man cave and likes to decorate it as such, which includes beer signs. As long as they don’t migrate into the house I am happy!

Gift Cards

This post just didn’t feel complete without mentioning gift cards. There are just sometimes when something Justin wants costs more than the budget allows or when the family needs suggestions on what to get him and you can never go wrong with gift cards. Amazon now carries gift cards for many retailers which makes it very convenient.

Travel Mug

One of Justin’s favorite shows is Parks and Recreation and thanks to Netflix we can watch it whenever. His favorite character is Ron Swanson and this travel mug only seemed fitting for Justin’s daily drive into work with his coffee.

Tool Chest

This is one of those gifts that are not normally in the budget but Justin felt it needed to be included because it is a dream of many a guy to have a whole tool chest set. Also, this is one gift that several people could go in together to get.

Gojo Natural Orange Pumice Hand Cleaner

Gojo cleaner is in one word AMAZING! It’s a great hand cleaner for anyone who works with their hands regularly. It contains small pumice particles to help scrub off dirt, grease, and grime and smells like oranges.

Leatherman Tool

The leatherman tool is something Justin never leaves home without. In his words “this is essential for everyday living Amy!” There are times when we have gone to a wedding or other nice event and I have to remind him that this tool is most likely not going to be needed. He still wears it. Leatherman tool headquarters are actually here in Portland, OR and they have the best customer service. There are times when Justin has broken a blade or tip of a blade and they have replaced it at no cost and for those not local you can ship them your tool for replacement. The Wave is the best in his opinion, but there are many options.

Leatherman Case

I can’t mention the leatherman tool without mentioning the case. There are several sheaths/cases on the market but this is the one Justin swears by. He used a nylon one for awhile but it ended up wearing out from continued use on his belt. This one is leather and in the 8 years, he has had his leatherman he has only had to replace his leather case once (with the nylon one that didn’t last). Just make sure it will fit your tool.

I hope this list was helpful! Is there an awesome item that your blue collar guy swears by? I would love to know! Just comment below!




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