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I feel that baking and furniture makeovers are very similar. (Stay with me here!) Because the more you bake or cook the more you come to find what your favorite utensils and pans are to use for each recipe. And making over a piece of furniture is no different. Over the years I have come to love certain tools for the trade. Now, of course, these are the ones that in my opinion are the best 10 tools for furniture makeovers and you may have different thoughts but that’s ok, that is what makes this world unique!

I have also included a list of tools that I think are nice to have but not entirely necessary especially if you are trying to stay on a budget.

And if you are looking for ideas or inspiration for furniture makeovers you can check out my first try at milk paint, the coffee table makeover and coming soon: my hutch makeover.

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The Best 10 Furniture Makeover Supplies-Need to Have

  • Paint Can Opener-Don’t ruin a flathead screwdriver like I use to do, one of these will always come in handy for any DIY project!
  • FrogTape-After seeing their demonstration of their tape technology at the Haven Conference it is the only tape I will use for my paint projects!
  • Sanding Sponge-I find I like these so much better than sandpaper sheets since they fit better in my hands
  • Foam Brushes-My go-to for applying polyurethane or any other sealers
  • Wire Brushes-Great and hand for cleaning and getting into the nooks and crannies of furniture
  • Mini Foam Roller and Fine Finish Roller– I put these 2 together since you can’t really use one without the other 😉 I use these to get a smooth finish on furniture without brush strokes
  • Purdy Soft Bristle Brush-A high-quality paintbrush is a must
  • Paint Brush Cover-I use to use ziplock bags but it became so wasteful until I found this and it can be washed and reused over and over in between coats of paint
  • Mini Paint Roller Tray-Very handy when using a large can of paint
  • Furniture Cleaner-A great prep product for removing dirt, oils, and grease from furniture and any other surface before painting

Furniture Makeover Supplies-Nice to Have

  • Paint Sprayer-This paint sprayer has come in handy so many times painting doors and large pieces of furniture
  • Drop Cloth-Not necessary for every project but comes in very handy when you work on numerous projects, if you don’t have the drop cloth you could use cardboard, sheets of plastic or an old plastic tablecloth
  • Tack cloth-Great for after sanding a piece, this will pick up all the fine particles of dust that were left behind and you can’t see
  • Respirator Masks-A necessity in my opinion especially when sanding or staining large pieces of furniture
  • Orbital Sander or Corner Sander-I am not sure what I would do without my orbital sander, it comes in handy for so many projects
  • Spray Shelter-Along with the paint sprayer this is great for painting trim and doors and keeping the garage clean
  • Brush and Roller Cleaning Tool-So handy for keeping paint brushes and rollers clean
  • Citri-Strip-A great smelling furniture stripper that is safe enough to use inside the house

If you plan on painting or refinishing a lot of furniture I would highly recommend the “Nice to Have” list, with the amount of my own furniture and others that I have done these supplies and tools have been great.

Do you have a favorite supply or tool that I haven’t listed? Comment below and let me know!

Sharing is caring!

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