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A lot of the pieces in my home are vintage or thrift store finds. I have a huge love and passion for all things vintage or old and interesting. But I don’t always have the time to go out to a thrift store or garage sale or yard sale to find some of the pieces I love. So I wanted to highlight some of my favorite online thrift stores for home decor. These are all shops on Instagram that sell vintage and thrift store items. You will have to pay shipping on most of the orders from these sellers but with my time limited and with some great items out there that you can’t find anywhere else I think it is worth it!

Each of these shops have unique items that they find and I have found them all to be so friendly and helpful. Some will even tag you when they find certain items. For example I collect milk glass and love copper items and anything with strawberries. So let me highlight some of them below:

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@RusticValleyVintage is Julie, I bought from her several times. Mostly milk glass and other stonewares. She’s has a variety of items that she lists on Instagram, but she also has an Etsy shop as well where she will list items as well. So definitely check her out.

@thecosmiccottage Meggan-I have purchased from Meggan also. She always has an awesome variety of decor and glass items and even holiday items.

@_timelessnchic_ Courtney-Another awesome shop that I have purchased from! I love old ironstone and milk glass, some that I have turned into my own candles. Courtney always has a great assortment of holiday items, glass items and much more!

@funkie.junkie.jen-I have not personally purchased from this Jen’s Instagram shop but I love following Jen and if budget would allow I would have purchased several things by now! She has many books, toys, fabrics, quilts and more!

@the.brocante.home Jennifer-Another shop I have not personally purchased through but love to follow and admire. She has sales that she will announce when she will start posting and some items I have loved but go quickly! I love how Jennifer stages her items and groups them beautifully together.

Alright, so those are my five favorite online thrift stores for home decor. I love to shop from these ladies to find items I collect as well as those I might use in other projects. I would love to know if you have some absolute favorites that you love to shop from? Comment below and let me know!

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