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Several years ago I created a thankful family project that used an old frame and tablecloth from my Grandma. I wanted to recreate this project just with a different idea to have it become a thankful Thanksgiving wreath instead. I thought it might be fun to switch up each year whether we use the wreath or the framed board.

Supplies Needed for a Thankful Thanksgiving Wreath

A cutting machine comes in handy for this project but is completely optional. There are plenty of leaf shapes that you can find online and then copy, trace and cut out. I chose three different leaf shapes for my wreath and cut them out using different colored card stock.

I already had a supply of wreath rings so I decided to use one of these (I am a big fan of using what you already have on hand!) I didn’t want the metal of the ring to show through so I wrapped the entire ring in some ribbon securing the ends with my hot glue gun.

A wire wreath ring sitting on a wooden table with orange, yellow and brown leaf cutouts piled in the center

With all the leaves cut out I numbered each leaf 1-30 in each corner of a wreath to indicate the days in November. I then used a small piece of painter’s tape to attach each leaf to the wreath starting at the top and working clockwise.

A pile of yellow, orange and brown leaf cutouts

Now each day of the month we will take one down and we each will say something we are thankful for and write it down. At the end of the month I then collect all the leaves and put a paperclip or rubber band around the stack and keep them in my hope chest.

A pile of orange and yellow leaf paper cutouts secured with a rubberband next to a pile of brown leaves with the year 2017 on a yellow sticky note

We haven’t done this yearly but the goal is to try to accomplish it yearly. It is fun for the kids and us to look back on the past years we have done this project and see what we were each thankful for.

This is a great family project and could also be adapted to a daycare or school setting. This Thanksgiving wreath project is a great reminder that there is so much to be thankful for in this world.

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