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You may have seen my recent posts about starting vegetable seeds indoors. Well this year I am going outside my comfort zone and starting flower seeds indoors too. Over the last year or so I have fallen in love with all the beautiful flowers from a specific place called Floret Flowers. They are a company here in the Pacific Northwest in Washington State and Erin , the owner is always showing their beautiful creations on Instagram which is how I was inspired to take on the task of starting flowers indoors.

In the past the flowers that I have planted have either been bulbs, tubers or easy to grow and sow flowers such as sunflowers or marigolds. And every year around Mother’s Day I will go to the local garden center and stock up on all the flowers that are already growing and blooming to plant in my hanging baskets and patio pots.

I have always been a huge fan of flowers, any color and any variety. In fact my favorite flowers are peonies and each year I add more of these to my yard and garden area but these are tubers and usually pretty easy to grow.

So this year will be trial and error in growing these flower seeds from scratch, I plan to label everything and takes notes to see what does best.

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Flower Seed Sources and Supplies

Planting Flower Seeds

To plant flower seeds indoors I would follow the same advice that I talked about in the post on starting vegetables indoors. Pay close to attention though to the back of the flower seed packets as these each give valuable advice for planting depth, if it is suitable for starting indoors or outdoors and what type of light they will prefer.

My gardening philosophy is have fun, don’t worry and know that it’s ok if things don’t grow or bloom as planned as this is a learning experience!

I’ve added some colorful flower pictures to this post but please note that all these flower pictures are from flowers that grow from a tuber or bulb and not from seeds started indoors. I will add more pictures to this post as my flowers start coming up and once they get transplanted outside.

Sharing is caring!

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