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Summer is just around the corner friends! Most stores right now are chock-full of welcome mats that come in a variety of colors and options. I bought one of these coir mats a couple of years ago from Target because it was cute and functional. Win-win! But two years of wear and tear of people going in and out and wiping their feet on it have taken its toll. And on top of that since we live in Oregon where it seems to rain over half the year it has become muddy and dirty. The mat though is still in great physical shape except for the color fading away and some of the coir coming loose in spots. So I decided to give it a little sprucing up for the summer!

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Materials Needed to Spruce up Your Welcome Mat

  • A coir welcome mat (if you have never had one check them out here, there are so many cute options!) And then Pin this for later when you want to spruce it up!
  • Spray paint (I used this blue and this gray)
  • Stencil-this is the Mum one I used

How to Spruce up Your Welcome Mat

To start I took our old mat and cleaned it with the hose and nozzle so that I could try to get as much dirt washed out as possible. I then gave it a good couple weeks to dry. Now you might be wondering why I gave it so long. It definitely doesn’t need to be that long, just a day or so depending on your weather! For me, it was an overcast day when I rinsed it out and then brought it onto our porch to dry and then it rained for a couple weeks and I procrastinated. There is definitely something about having the sun come out that gets me motivated to do all sorts of projects.

The original plan I had was to paint it all black and then put the stencil design on but I saw that I had gray chalk spray paint in my paint stash and decided to use it instead. You will definitely need a couple of coats of spray paint if you choose a lighter color depending on what the color and condition of your old mat was in.

Light gray welcome mat that has now been spray painted

The stencil may look familiar to some who remember my DIY Painted Rug on our deck last summer. I re-used this stencil to make the mum design in aqua/teal. As you can tell from the painted rug and the Laundry Room Door makeover recently that I am in love with teal and aqua lately.

Gray spray painted welcome mat with a white mum stencil laid on top
Completed gray welcome mat with aqua blue mum flower stenciled randomly on top

Now just let your spray paint dry and place next to your door. You have the look of a new welcome mat without the cost of a new one!

Completed gray and aqua rug placed next to a door with lanterns and flowers on the sides

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