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Does anyone else have one of those rooms in their house that is like the junk drawer of rooms? You know that room that things get set, thrown, put down with all intentions of coming back later and organizing it. Well for me that room is my office/craft room. It collects all my DIY projects, bills, random papers that need to be organized, clothes I need to sew, and my latest clearance finds and thrift store goodies! I have never really shown this room on the blog before until now because it just received some much-needed cleaning and organization.

So let me show you the before before picture. This was right after we moved in and before we started painting or updating the floors.

This room is right off the door to our garage and right across the hall from our walk-in pantry. And one notable thing about this room: it is small and narrow, really only big enough to fit one person in it comfortably without feeling claustrophobic. I knew before we moved in that this would be my office/craft area since we didn’t have a spare bedroom to use as an office as our previous house did.

This room received the same floor treatment as the walk-in pantry and then I organized it as best I could from there. The desk is one that my great-grandfather built and that has followed me from college to Justin and I’s first house and now here. I also knew that I really wanted to put up my sewing machine so that it had a permanent spot. Previously it would sit on the floor in the spare bedroom and I didn’t use it as much because of the steps it would take to get it all set up and running. Luckily I was able to score an awesome sewing table from Craigslist that fit in the spot perfectly.

A craft room and office with multiple desks and clutter on all surfaces and the floor

So there is a lot of furniture in this room but I have been very intentional about what I bring into this room. I found myself recently not wanting to spend any time in the room working on blog posts and craft projects just because I felt so cramped with all the clutter. So I took an entire Saturday and cleaned and organized. In prep for this organization day, Justin installed pipe shelving as we did in the pantry for my cookbooks. This way I could store my craft supplies and fabric in baskets instead of on the floor. My goal was to get everything off the floor because it made the already small room feel even smaller.

A side view of pipe shelving on wall with baskets on each shelf with a cube organizer below with a printer on top

A tip to organizing a small room for me is to keep things neat and tidy in bins or baskets and utilizing wall space. As you can see my thread, ribbon, and acrylic paints are all now organized on the wall. The acrylic paint storage was an old frame that I picked up from Goodwill years ago and it fits the paints perfectly.

A close up picture of a deep frame without glass holding acrylic paint bottles on the side with a dowel below with ribbon hanging

The ribbon is all hung on a wood dowel that is being held on the wall with cup hooks.

A close up of two different sized wood thread dowel holders attached to the wall with different colors of thread

These thread storage racks can be found online at Amazon, JoAnn’s or almost any local craft store. They come hinged with legs so that they can sit on a tabletop but because I don’t have table space Justin screwed 2 screws in the wall for each rack to rest on.

And since every office space has random paperwork and reminders that need to be easily accessible so I found a file sorter at HomeGoods and these memory boards I have had since high school to display love notes from Justin and just general things I like to have in front of me to keep me motivated. 

A view from the door into a long and narrow craft room
A side view of a wall with a cork board and file sorter mounted on the wall

Justin also installed a wire rack on the door to hold my Cricut vinyl so they won’t get squished. Along with some other baskets from HomeGoods I now have everything organized and each item has a “home.”

A white door with a wire basket set mounted on the door holding vinyl spools

I made sure to remove everything from the floor, give it a good cleaning and to keep it that way so that it doesn’t become cluttered again. It is now much more enjoyable to work in the office and to do different craft projects with a clean space.

A view from the door looking into a craft room with a desk and sewing table against the left side of the room

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