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Our family has never been the type to do a formal sit down Thanksgiving dinner. We were always the buffet, paper plate, sit where you can kind of people. Mostly because when we would all get together with extended family during the holidays there were a lot of us, like sometimes around 30 of us and well the space just wasn’t there for that kind of formal seating. 

But this year I wanted to try my hand at doing a more formal Thanksgiving table decor that was budget friendly but fun and inviting at the same time. Most of these items I scoured from other places in our house. Some items were found on clearance and some from our backyard and garden! 

If you are interested in creating a similar tablescape just scroll to the bottom to find all the sources listed.

A close up picture of a burlap table runner with small orange pumpkins, white berry garland and candles lit in a glass

Individual Table Setting

For each place setting I didn’t have to go far to find something to use make each guest feel special. The yard! And the leaves we haven’t picked up yet! Ha!

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All you need to do is find a clean leaf of any kind and use some ChalkArt and Alphabet #3 from A Maker’s Studio and create an initialized leaf to personalize each place setting.

A white plate sitting on a woven placemat with a maple leaf with the letter C in white on top of the plate
A maple leaf with a ChalkArt initial sitting on a white plate with a burlap runner with small pumpkins and white bead garland with a candle in a glass

I love that this all came together with minimal cost and using the natural resources around me to create an elegant and simple table that would be great for any Thanksgiving feast. 

Side note: I realize my place settings are incorrect with the silverware but lets all look beyond that!

An above view of a table with a burlap runner, pumpkins, white berry gardland with candles in glasses and white plates with maples leaves with initials in white

Sources for Thanksgiving Table Decor:


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