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After all the Christmas decor comes down I feel that my decor goes through this bland period where I am not quite ready to decorate for Spring but don’t want to decorate for Winter either. Although I hate to see all the boring walls and tables un-decorated after Christmas. So this year after all the decor came down I started scouring our house for stored decor to see what I could update our dining room table with.

Our dining room is basically a pass-through between our living room and kitchen and it’s a spot that we see every day. I wanted something that was simple and didn’t take up the entire table but could also stay in place for a couple of months. I also wanted something that was budget-friendly and this tablescape I came up with fit in all those boxes. Our dining room tends not to have a ton of natural light that comes through, some from the window but with the gallery wall on the other side, it just doesn’t get the daily exposure of daylight that I love in the living room.

(As a side note the goal someday is to replace the traditional front door that is there and that we never use with a window so that the dining room will have better natural light.)

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So in my quest to shop around our home here is what I came up with: A simple spring centerpiece

Last year I had picked up some of the green milk glass bottles from the Magnolia Hearth & Hand line at Target, and they were also on clearance when I picked them up late last summer so that was a win! I couldn’t find them online or at the stores anymore but you could use vintage green milk glass vases found on Etsy. Or I also found these adorable aqua green bud vases from World Market that would look great too!

A close up view of a white linen tablerunner with light green milk glass pieces and clear vintage bottles with faux small coral flower picks nesting in some of the bottles along the tablerunner

I found a table runner around Christmas from Target as well, it is part of the Opalhouse line and it is no longer available in store or online. (Such a bummer!!) But I did find some other great neutral options at Target that would work just as well. The one I found for our table I chose specifically because of it’s neutral color and that it would transition well throughout multiple holidays and decor options while bringing some much needed light to the table.

Another goal is to someday update this dining room table to be a little brighter. I haven’t decided if that means painting all the chairs and table or just pieces of it. I think once the nicer weather starts coming I will get the itch to brighten that table up! The table was one of the first purchases my husband and I made when we were married and it is solid wood with leafs to make it bigger which is great when we host family for the holidays.

Ok so enough going off topic!

I have a huge collection of vintage glass jars from my parents, several of which I have cleaned up (I have a whole post dedicated to cleaning old vintage bottles). I decided to break up the green milk glasses with the clear bottles placed randomly down the table runner.

A close up view of a white table runner with clear and green glass bottles lined down the table runner with faux greenery tucked into some of the bottles

So in addition to what I found around our house, I did make one purchase. Right after Christmas I found some of the new faux greenery from the Hearth & Home Line from Magnolia. I took these coral branches and cut them into pieces and put these in random jars along the table runner.

A close up of faux coral bell flower greenery in a vintage clear glass bottle on a white table runner on a dark wood dining room table
A long view down a dark brown dining room table with milk glass green vases and vintage bottles on white table runner

And that really is all there is to it! A simple and easy Spring centerpiece or tablescape that will you beat those winter blues!

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