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If you know me you know that I love going to thrift stores. I love finding new ideas or new ways to use items from thrift stores in my decor or to find a new use for the item. I find it hard sometimes to pay full price for something that I know I can either make myself or that I could get at a thrift store. So, this easy Christmas craft is no different. I had puzzle pieces leftover from the puzzle piece reindeer that I did a couple years ago, and I wanted to have a new fun and easy project to do with the kids.

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Supplies Needed for Christmas

The first step will be to paint the canvas a solid color of any color you’d like. I chose copper and black, but you could leave it white. There really are so many possibilities.

Next will be to paint all your puzzle pieces. I chose a traditional green but you could also do a different shade of green or paint your puzzle pieces a non-traditional color.

A pile of green painted puzzle pieces laying on a light colored table

I laid all the puzzle pieces out on a piece of cardboard and sprayed them with my favorite spray paint. I love Colorshot spray paint because it covers so nicely and has great intense colors, and their color names are super fun. (This is not a sponsored post, I just love to share the products I love so much.)

Once all the puzzle pieces were painted and the canvases were painted I had the kids help. In order to have an idea of where the wreath would be I traced a couple of different size bowls onto the canvases with a white crayon.

Two spray painted artists canvases, one black and one copper sitting on a light tabletop with a purple and green bowl turned upside down
A black canvas with a white circle on the top half with a white crayon laying on the bottom half of the canvas

I had them glue one layer of the green pieces down first and then let this dry. We then did a second layer of pieces after this had tried.

A close up of a black painted canvas with green puzzle pieces glued to part of a white traced circle
A black painted canvas with a circle of glue with part of it covered in green painted puzzle pieces
A black and copper painted canvas laying on a table with a green circle of puzzle pieces on each canvas in the shape of a wreath
A boy with a glue bottle in his hand applying glue to a wreath shape with a pile of puzzle pieces in the middle of a table

For the holly berries, I just went into my craft stash and found some pom-poms. You could also use puff paint or just regular acrylic paint to add the holly berries.

An above view of a girl gluing pom poms on a green puzzle piece wreath at a maple colored table
A boy gluing red and silver pom poms on a green puzzle piece wreath
A copper painted canvas on a table with a green puzzle piece wreath with red, gold and silver pom poms glued on
A black painted canvas with a green puzzle piece wreath glued on with red and white pom poms

We also decided that one needed a bow, so we use some ribbon to make a bow. And then to finish it off I had them write words on the bottom. This is where they get to be creative! I gave them suggestions of Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Seasons Greetings. But I also thought Santa Claus is Coming to Town or use part of a Christmas song lyric.

A close up of a copper painted art canvas with a green puzzle piece wreath with pom poms and a silver bow with the words Have a Happy Christmas written in a childs handwriting

I love the paint pens because they are easy for the kids to use as it is just really a big marker. These paint pens are also from ColorShot.

A close up of a black art canvas with a wreath made out of puzzle pieces with pom poms for berries and the words holly jolly Christmas written in a child's handwriting
Two art canvases sitting next to each other, one black, one copper with green puzzle piece wreaths, one with the words holly jolly Christmas and the that says Have a Happy Christmas

We decided to gift these to their grandparents so they could have something to display in their Christmas decorations for years to come. And the kids get to see their art from 1st and 3rd grade!

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