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There are a lot of bud vases that are very popular this year. And after seeing so many different options online and in stores I knew that I could come up with my own version from the thrift store. Another plus was that I knew that I didn’t want to pay as much as some of them cost. Small vases or glasses are easy to find at any thrift store. I chose a variety of glasses both colored and clear. For the clear vases I wanted to try another popular look of sea glass. Krylon makes a variety of sea glass spray paints that I wanted to try out for Spring.

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Materials Needed for Sea Glass Spray Paint Bud Vases

The first step was to properly clean all the jars and remove the price stickers. I like to send the glasses through the dishwasher for a thorough cleaning. This step is very important otherwise the spray paint may not adhere properly. Krylon makes multiple colors of sea glass spray paint, I chose the colors I thought I would like best. After spraying the glasses I decided that the rose colored one was not my favorite, a little too pink/purple for my tastes.

A close up of three cans of spray paint lined up

Next place a piece of cardboard or newspaper down to catch any over spray from the jars.

A piece of cardboard on the ground with a green, purple and gray glass on top as pictured from above

I like to paint the tops first and then flip over to paint the bottom. Make sure to keep your spray paint can moving as you spray to prevent drips from forming.

An action shot of a person's finger on spray paint on the left with a glass vase on the right being actively sprayed

TIP FOR DRIPS: If you do get some drips like I did and you aren’t able to catch them before it dries just take a piece of sandpaper and sand the drip down and then re-paint.

A close up of a gray sea glass spray painted glass jar with a drip down the side

Once dry on both top and bottom you may want to do a second coat. I did two coats on all my jars as I wanted a more solid sea glass look but you could also just do one coat if you want a more transparent look to them.

A close up of four sea glass spray painted bud vases, two gray in the background and a pink and green in the foreground with daffodils in the vases
A close up of three bud vases, two gray ones in the back and a pale green in the front sitting on a white table

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