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Today I am making a large flower portrait as part of my daughter’s second grade school auction art project for their class. They go to a private school and every year the school has a an annual auction dinner. And each year every class does some type of art project where the kids have to complete some element of the project and then it is auctioned off. This year I volunteered to do the project for my daughter’s 2nd grade class and I wanted to share the process with you.

Supplies Needed for a Flower School Auction Art Project

Before I took my idea to the classroom I first made a smaller version of my idea so that I could show the class an example of what their paintings would be turned into.

I had each of the kids take an 8.5×11″ white cardstock paper and a paint brush and used one large watercolor set. My instructions to the class was to cover as much as the page as possible with any type of design using any colors that they wanted. I had showed them the example prior to this so they did know that their design would be cut up into petals. So they knew they couldn’t really draw a picture and that their pages needed to be more abstract.

A close up of several papers covered in watercolor abstract art

The kids did a great job and were so creative with their pieces. As you can see in the picture some of them did circles with splatter one just did splatter paint. Multiple kids did lines like a rainbow which would make a unique flower once the petals were cut out.

After their creations were done drying I made a teardrop design in Cricut design space and then used that as my petal design to cut them all. I wanted the flower to be on a white background and so I bought a thin canvas artist’s board that would fit in the frame size. I used the back of the artist’s canvas to apply the flower because I didn’t want the texture of the canvas to show.

A close up of teardrop shaped watercolors with a white background

The back of the canvas does have a design that has been printed on but luckily I’m going to be able to cover that all up with all of the petals. I wanted to use a bible verse below the flower so in order to center my flower I measured in two inches from each side and marked it with a pencil so that the circle would be round.

An above view of the outside of a circle on a white background

Before I started gluing I laid down the outside of the circle to see how the first layer would look before applying the glue. After each round in the circle I would take the next petals and layer them about half over the last ones so that none of the white background would show. I also covered each round of the flower with a book to hold them down until the glue dried.

A close up of a bible verse stating "The grass withers, the flower fades; but the word of our God will stand forever" Isaiah 40:8

And then I used my Cricut machine to cut out a Bible verse and then put that at the bottom of the flower. I then assembled the entire project in the frame. Now I can’t wait for this to get auctioned off and some family is going to have a lovely piece of decor for their home.

A watercolor flower in a wood frame

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