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As some of you know from reading my previous posts I recently gifted myself the check out my Noel wreath sign). So I was intrigued when I received an advertisement for the Cricut Mystery Box.

Cricut does two types of monthly mystery boxes. One is physical products to use with your Cricut and the other is a digital “box” of different files to use with Cricut Design Space. I chose the physical box because there are so many new products and accessories to use with the newer Cricut machines compared to my older version.

(Note: I was not compensated in any way from Cricut for this review. These opinions are my own and provided with the thought to help others in their buying purchase.)

The machine I have is pictured below!

First I have to say I was very impressed with the shipping time but not impressed with the shipping prices. I ordered my box on 12/19/17 and the expected ship date was 1/5/18. I was in no rush for the box so this didn’t bother me. However, the price of the box was $34.99 and regular no rush shipping was $11.57. The shipping price was a little steep for my liking but I still proceeded on. (I am not sure if this is the regular shipping rate for these boxes as this was my first mystery box purchase.) What really impressed me though was the fact that my box actually arrived on 12/22/17, well before their estimated ship. This was great given that it was near Christmas and I knew that package delivery volumes had increased significantly.

Mystery Box Items

So what was in my mystery box. Let’s take a peak.

  1. Cricut® Vinyl Sampler” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener”>Vinyl Vineyard Sampler ($12.99 retail value) Vinyl sheets and Adhesive Foil were included in the Mystery Box

Adding the retail value of all these items up is $102.92 via the Cricut website. I paid a total of $46.56 (including shipping). For all the items you get I have to say this month’s mystery box was definitely worth it in my opinion. I now have adhesive foil, washi sheets, and foil acetate to play around with. These are items I have never used before and I’m not sure I would purchase them on my own without knowing exactly what to do with them. I am also excited that I received a couple of essential tools including the scoring stylus and the paper crafting set.

Some things to keep in mind if you are considering purchasing a mystery box. All sales are final so you won’t be able to return any of the products. If you already have a Cricut and a lot of the tools you may get duplicates to something you already have. However, the mystery box contents change each month so you could get pens, blades, or mats which I think would come in handy even if you already have those items.

I hope this review helps anyone who is thinking about purchasing the box. If you are interested in December’s box it is still available and now you know what’s in it! I for one can’t wait to play around with some of these items and show you all the results!

Sharing is caring!

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