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You have probably heard me and many others say how paint is one of the easiest and best budget-friendly ways to update any room. And that still holds true today my friends! Buuuut one thing I am not a huge fan of when it comes to painting is the mess. If you aren’t careful (which is meticulously careful when painting) you can end up making a big mess with paint-spattered everywhere even though you were trying to be careful. Well, I want to let you all in on this awesome, awesome product that I was given by HomeRight. You may remember them from my previous post using their paint sprayer that I love.

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This post is part of the Refresh Your Walls Today Challenge by HomeRight and I was supplied the EZ Twist Paint Stick by HomeRight, as always though all opinions are my own.

HomeRight EZ Paint Stick

Ok, guys in all honesty this is a game changer if you are doing big paint jobs yourself. It was such a breeze to grab the can of paint, stir it up, stick the tube in and start drawing the paint up into the stick.

As some of you remember our master bedroom is in dire need of an update. The future plan is to actual do some major renovations so that we can make the room bigger and add a master bathroom but the budget won’t allow for that at the moment. So we are doing a room refresh (and have been since earlier this year, ugh, life is busy my friends!) And this paint stick came at the perfect time because painting is something I just have to be in the right mood for as it is not my most enjoyable DIY.

A can of white paint sitting on plastic on a floor with a black tube attached to the side

Since the room hasn’t been painted in awhile we decided to tackle the ceiling first and Justin decided to help me. He usually dislikes participating in a painting project of any kind but he was like a little kid who had a new toy to play with.

A man with a hat holding a paint stick roller and painting a ceiling white

We did put down plastic on the floor and bed because we didn’t want to remove all the furniture in order to paint. The paint stick also does come with a plastic cover that fits over the roller that is designed to catch any small spills or splatters and it actually worked really well.

A man painting a bedroom ceiling white with a twist paint stick

The only thing that could be a downfall when using the paint stick on a ceiling is that once the stick is full of paint it does become heavy to hold over your head. So for those you like myself (I am a wimp in my upper body!) I would highly recommend having someone else help with the ceiling so that your arms don’t become too exhausted.

Justin did try painting a little on the wall with the ceiling paint just for fun because we will be painting the entire room soon and it was a breeze to use on the wall. And because all the furniture was still in the room it was great that we didn’t have to worry about running back to the paint tray or accidentally stepping on the paint tray.

I did take some video while Justin was using the paint stick so if you are a more visual person who needs to see it being actively used then check it out below.

You also might be wondering where you can get your hands on a paint stick like this and the answer is: head to your local Lowe’s near the paint desk or order online at The paint stick is just over $25 and at a price like that why wouldn’t you want one to save yourself the hassle of a potentially big paint mess. And replacement roller covers are just over $5. If you still aren’t sold on my thoughts you can head on over to Lowe’s website to read all the awesome reviews there.

Cleaning the EZ Twist Paint Stick

Now some of you may be wondering how to clean the stick and how it compares to cleaning a normal paint roller and tray.

I was the one who got to clean the paint stick and it was not hard as time consuming as you might think.

After you have emptied all unused paint back into the can you will want to take off the piece that attaches to the can and runs some warm water through it and place it in a container of warm water and use the paint tube to draw the warm water into the tube and flush it out several times.

Now the piece that sticks in the paint can is hollow so it just cleans out with a good squirt of warm water after you have cleaned the main paint tube. The roller cover is like cleaning any other type of roller the only difference with this roller is that there are small holes on the inside of the roller tube because that is how the paint gets from the tube onto the roller.  There is a small foam piece that fits inside the roller tube and again with a little soap and water this cleans up easily.

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