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Our world today has entered into an unknown that we haven’t seen before and now more than ever it is important to band together and create as positive of an atmosphere that we can. With the majority of our country under a social distancing order, it is important that we stay connected with family and friends. That’s why I created these printable postcards for you to use.

As a plumber and a healthcare worker, my husband and I respectively have careers that are deemed essential. Not much in our lives seems different except that our children are out of school and we are homeschooling them at night and our trips to the grocery store or out to eat look vastly different than they did just a few weeks ago.

With the limiting of gatherings, we as humans long for the basic human interaction. Social media and the digital age have definitely given us a gift with this regard. But my creative soul wanted to create something more. Something that myself and the kids could send to our friends and family to let them know they are not forgotten. Because you see spending too much time scrolling on the internet can do more harm than good for our own mental health.

So once my mind got spinning I realized I wanted to create something that was more unique than a card but also a little more fun and unexpected. Postcards!

I remember receiving postcards from my Grandparents from all their trips that I kept throughout the years. And so I wanted to create something that friends and family might be inclined to keep and hang up to help remember that we will make it through to the other side.

Here are four printable postcards for you! Just click the picture below and enter your email to get an instant download directly to your inbox.

There are 2 sides to print. Print the one then flip your paper over and place it back in the printer to print on the other side (if you have a double-sided printer, that’s even easier!)

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