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Furniture makeovers are kind of my jam. I love to take a used, discarded piece of ugly furniture that was a steal of a price and transform it into a beautiful piece of modern furniture for a home. I have done this with several furniture pieces in our own home, including a bookshelf, china hutch, dining room table and coffee table to name a few. And now it was time to give the table in our kitchen nook area a makeover. Let me walk you through the transformation of this painted kitchen table.

So first a little back story, this table was a Craigslist find when we were at our previous home. We had previously had a glass top table with fabric chairs (another Craigslist find) but once we had kids we quickly realized we needed something that wasn’t going to show all the fingerprints and stains. This table was the right size and right price. It had already been slightly transformed as the previous owners had painted the table legs, chair backs and chair legs blue. Unfortunately a couple of the chair spindles had broke so we did have to replace a couple of the chairs with ones that looked similar but weren’t painted.

A close up of a maple kitchen table with mismatched chairs

I have wanted to repaint and change the chairs of the this table for years but never had the drive to do it until after we had finished installing the new flooring in the kitchen. Once the flooring was in and I had updated the wall color the table really clashed with the feeling of the room so I knew it was time to get this thing painted.

I had had visions of what I wanted this table to look like. I knew I wanted to paint the legs of the table black and to find new chairs that were black. I also envisioned doing a stained technique on the top of the table. I had actually ordered the chairs first so once those came in I got those put together and changed out the chairs. Justin then helped me get the old table outside so that I could start sanding the surface. I started with a course sandpaper and then moved to a finer sandpaper. I think the previous owners had used some type of shellac on the top as it took awhile to sand down the top.

A maple topped table outside on a driveway with an orbital sander sitting on top of the table
A close up of a partially sanded table
A lightened kitchen table in a driveway
A close up of a completely sanded tabletop in a driveway

Once the entire thing was sanded I took it into our shop where I have the tent set up for painting with my paint sprayer. The paint sprayer definitely saves time on these type of projects, especially when there is details like on the table legs. The color I chose was “Licorice” by Country Chic Paint. When using the paint sprayer I do thin the paint slightly with water (about 2-4 TBSP) depending on how much paint I put in the sprayer. After 3 coats of paint on the legs I then sprayed the legs with Polycrylic Matte Sealer. This table is in a heavy used area and I wanted it to withstand kids, pets and every day wear and tear.

I flipped the table over and started on the top. I had chose a grey stain by Behr that I really liked, however this is one of those DIY makeovers that didn’t go as planned. The table must have had something spilled on it previously that soaked into the wood as the stain did not properly penetrate the wood in areas and it just looked odd. And after applying 2 coats of the stain to see if that would help it was onto Plan B.

A close up of a table with stain on top that has dark and light spots

At this point I knew I needed to paint the top as any type of stain would react the same way that this last one had. So I went to my paint stash and found a pale green called “Happy Hour” by Country Chic Paint that I liked. I applied 3 coats of this paint with a foam roller.

A close up of a light grey tabletop

Also I had previously purchased a furniture glaze from Country Chic Paint called Smoky Quartz during a sale and decided to try it on the top of the pale green paint. (If you can’t tell by now I am someone who likes to experiment with paints/stains.) I ended up LOVING the way the glaze looked over the pale green color so I applied 2 coats of this over the entire surface which ended up giving the table a dry brush look.

A close up of the table top with half painted and half with a glaze applied

After the glaze had dried I used the Polycrylic sealer again and applied four coats of this (again because of the high traffic). But you would think that I would have been done at this point but oh no.

A close up of table legs with blue paint showing

You see in my hustle to try and finish the table I didn’t flip the table over right-side so that I could see that I had missed the top parts of the details on the table because it was upside down. So this meant I needed to get the paint sprayer back out and cover the top with plastic so that the legs could be repainted. So this is me telling you to do as I say and not as I do. This was a minor setback but I wanted to make sure it was done correctly.

A round table with the top covered in plastic with black legs in a paint tent

We were now able to remove the card table that had been a stand in for our table and get this painted kitchen table back in it’s home to continue to use for years to come.

Black metal chairs, a table with black legs and grey top with a white hydrangeas in a vase sitting in the corner of a kitchen
A close up view of a round table with the legs painted black, black chairs with white hydrangeas in a clear vase sitting on the table

I really love the way it looks in the space and am very glad that I finally set aside time to get this table transformed into something that better fit the space.

A close up of a maple kitchen table with mismatched chairsBlack metal chairs, a table with black legs and grey top with a white hydrangeas in a vase sitting in the corner of a kitchen

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