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The question today is whether or not a paint sprayer for home use is worth the investment. And I am here to tell you this is going to depend on so many things but I will walk you through what I think the pros and cons are.

First I am going to share my own experience with a paint sprayer. I received my first paint sprayer after going to the Haven Conference (a conference for DIY and home decor bloggers). I received the HomeRight paint sprayer as a gift from HomeRight who as at the conference but you may wonder would I have bought one on my own? And my answer is yes, but let let me go into more details as to why.

I definitely would have purchased my own paint sprayer because I do a lot of DIY projects around my house. This includes changing all of our interior doors, we have bought doors that are already primed and need to be painted. All the brown stained trim in the house has also slowly been changed by being painted white which I used the paint sprayer for. The paint sprayer makes these tedious paint jobs much more manageable.

A blue electric paint sprayer sitting on a piece of cardboard next to a plain wood skeleton

There are also multiple pieces of furniture that I have updated and plan to update in our home and therefore for me, the paint sprayer is a great investment. So that leads me to tell you that if you’re going to be painting a large amount of trim, doors or furniture, especially chairs, then a paint sprayer is something I would highly suggest investing in.

Stair spindle snowflakes propped next to saw horses with a woman using a paint sprayer

When it came time to transform my dining room chairs the paint sprayer came in very handy due to all the odd angles on the chairs. And also when creating my spindle snowflakes (pictured above) it was very handy as I don’t like to use a brush when it comes to all the details as drips are more likely to happen when using a brush.

So when would I advise not investing in a paint sprayer? I would say if you only want to use it for one project. So for example, if you have a table you want to refinish but that is the only project you see yourself completing, the I would not invest in a paint sprayer. In that case I would advise using a foam roller and brush to paint and poly.

But something to consider is that a paint sprayer can also come in handy when painting your walls. My sister borrowed my paint sprayer to paint her basement wood paneling. The entire wall of her basement hallway is wood paneling that she did not want to change out but wanted it to make a lighter and brighter area. So she used the paint sprayer to first prime and then paint which saved a lot of time.

A side by side view of a hallway with wood paneling not painted on the left and painted white on the right

A paint sprayer can also be used for applying stain or sealant, the key is to make sure it is cleaned very well after each use.

So to sum it up I think you just need to weigh your options and if you would use it frequently and if it will save you time. There are a lot of options for paint sprayers out there and they can range in price anywhere from $80 to several $100. My only experience is with the HomeRight sprayer and I think it works great. It’s not the highest priced one on the market, but it works for what I need it for.

So you just need to take that into account of what you’re going to need it for and what you might see yourself using it for in the future. I hope that helps if you determine whether or not you feel like you should buy a paint sprayer or not and if it’s worth your investment.

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