shop small gifts that any woman will love

I have highlighted seven different types of gift ideas for women with a one or more shops listed in each (I have so many favorites!).


If the man in your life is anything like mine then they are extremely hard to shop for. Justin is no exception. He likes things simple, is not a big gadget person and doesn’t even own a tie.


I have put together a gift guide for the gardener in your life who will surely appreciate that you have geared them up for Spring and Summer.

top 7 best homemade candy recipes

A compilation of some of the best candy recipes, some traditional recipes and some fun and unique!

how to make a giving thanks board

For the entire month of November as a family, we are going to write down what we are thankful for each day on a paper leaf. And these are going to be displayed so they are easy to see. I am calling it our Giving Thanks Board. My hope is that this becomes a fun family activity that can become a tradition.

Top 10 buffalo check finds

I LOVE buffalo check (or buffalo plaid to some) anything, like love love. LOVE! But I am specific, I am talking about the original black and red check, no other colors.

Fall Home tour

Fall is officially here. The mornings here in the Pacific NW are foggy and cold with rain now settling in. I just had the chance to finish my Fall decorations and wanted to take you all on a tour.

Homemade vanilla extract

It’s 2 weeks before Christmas (ok not really but let’s imagine) and you drew your Aunt Rhonda’s name for the gift exchange. You have no idea what to get her, and you are tired of just picking some random gifts from the store that you think she may enjoy. You realize that you are at a point in your life where you want gifts to be meaningful and not just giving the gift for the sake of giving. You then remember that she is an avid baker but that she already owns almost every baking appliance and gadget out there.

why you should plant flower bulbs in the fall

Fall just arrived but I want to tell you that now is the time to prepare for Spring. Now you may be saying but “Amy, Spring, and Summer just got over, I want the cold weather, the hoodies and bonfires.” And you are not wrong! But now is the time to plant your Spring bulbs in order to have pretty flowers come March and April.


If you are anything like me you have collections of different items and you like to continually add to it. But what do you do with your collections? Do they sit in a box, in a drawer, or under your bed? Well, I want to tell you to display it!

Our Farmhouse: one year later

Today marks exactly one year since we moved into our farmhouse. Time has flown by and honestly, it seems like it has only been a couple months. But when I look at before pictures I realize just how far we have come.

Easy DIY Pumpkin decor

Fall is fast approaching! Although our current weather here in NW Oregon is in the 100s so it doesn’t quite feel like fall yet. Also my son started his first day of Kindergarten today! Eeek! On one hand I will miss his snuggles in the mornings on my days off and on the other I know I will find time to enjoy some Mommy and me time with my daughter and some mommy alone time.

Incredibly Easy flour sack towel designs

I have a weak spot for flour sack towels. I don’t why. Maybe it’s all the potential of those that are white or the pure simplicity of those with ticking stripes. Or maybe it’s because one of my favorite craft stores packages them oh so cutely all tied up in a cute fabric strap bow.

Top 5 Canning/Preserving Resources

The summer harvest season is upon us. We are up to our knees in cucumbers, zucchini, green beans, broccoli, and peas. So much so that we can’t eat it all! We do give some away but we also preserve and can a lot of our summer bounty to enjoy throughout the year.

Outdoor Faucet Handle Hook Project

As most of you know the hubby is a plumber and when I showed him an idea on Pinterest that involved using old outside faucet handles as hooks he was ready to get to work. Our laundry room was in dire need for a shelf and a coat hook. There is currently a storage bench for shoes but that was turning into a catchall for all the coats and backpacks.

Kitchen cabinets: an update

The kitchen is my favorite place. I love to bake, cook and create. Our farmhouse kitchen is big and open and I loved it’s potential when I first saw it. The kitchen was outdated and lacking the modern farmhouse appeal that I so love. The cabinets were the first on my to-do list. They were a medium oak with older hardware. But were in great shape and made of solid wood, which is hard to find these days without paying a pretty penny.

Homemade Boysenberry Ice Cream

I remember the first time I tasted homemade ice cream, it was plain vanilla, nothing fancy but it was oh so delicious. There is just something about homemade ice cream that screams summer to me. Maybe it’s the hot summer sun that calls to crave something ice cold. Or maybe it’s just that creamy delicous handmade flavor that imparts nostalgia for days past.

Deck Makeover Reveal

Today is the day! I am so excited to share our made over outdoor space with you all. I have been teasing about it for some time now with the painted rug and the outdoor table and now it is all complete!

DIY Outdoor Table

Do you ever have those projects that start as a simple idea but then snowball into other projects that you weren’t thinking about? That is what is happening this summer with our deck.The initial idea was to just pressure wash and re-seal the existing deck. Which we did. But then that lead into re-painting the existing benches, designing and painting an outdoor rug, and now that has lead to making our own outdoor table.

DIY: Painted Outdoor Rug

So one night a few weeks ago I decided rather hastily that I wanted to re-stain our deck…. and add a painted rug design. Cue the looks from the hubby. Nice weather was being predicted (and by nice I mean no rain for us here in Oregon!) and I wanted to get outside and tackle projects. Now we had talked about re-finishing our deck at some point. But in the hubby’s mind I think this meant a little later down the road, as in months or next year.

Milk Paint: A Beginner's Perspective

Walk through my use of milk paint for the first time and give a beginner's opinion and highlight mistakes I made.