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I wanted to share with you a super simple and easy way to decorate your porch for the holidays that is very budget friendly.

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Supplies Needed for Simple Holiday Porch Decor

  • Evergreen Christmas tree boughs
  • Holly branches
  • Vintage ice skates (you can find a lot of them on Etsy)
  • Vintage or newer lanterns
  • Holiday signs
  • Firewood
  • Glittered deer
A blue house with silver and cooper stair spindle snowflakes with evergreen boughs below with glittered deer and a lantern

Earlier this Fall I started out making Snowflakes for our porch out of stair spindles. (Check out the link for the full tutorial to make your own.) Since these were already made I just wanted to add some natural elements for the holiday season. And because we have a new puppy, Deke who is now almost 8 months old and who loves to chew on anything he can get his hands on outside I wanted to make sure the decor I used was simple and if he ended up chewing on it I wouldn’t be too disappointed!

My parents have overgrown noble Christmas trees that I cut some boughs from and laid down on the table outside our front door. I also put some longer boughs in my vintage crock. You could use any type of evergreen cuttings to create a similar display, just look to your yard or your neighbor’s yard (ask them first!) to see about cutting off some low hanging branches. 

A tall crock with evergreen boughs and holly, a black lantern next to it with vintage black ice skates and a table with evergreen boughs

I did the same with the holly branches as we have a small holly bush at our house and a big one across the road from us. I used the holly branches as a pop of color in the evergreen branches. 

Holly Swags

I wanted a new take on traditional evergreen swags and tied up some holly branches to create swags for our front porch. I may add a bow later but I haven’t decided yet.

A bunch of holly tied up with wire and hung on a white covered porch

Vintage Ice Skates

To add another decor element I used these ice skates that are vintage and actually ones that my Dad and his siblings wore when they were kids! The pond at my Grandparents would freeze over almost every winter and so they had many sizes and colors of ice skates that stayed around the house. 

A small brown bench hold fresh evergren boughs, firewood is piled below with a white sign that says let it snow

The last look was firewood, this is super simple if you have a tree or a neighbor who does who could cut some larger branches for you. You could also try posting a searching for post on Facebook to see if a family member or friend has a small amount of firewood you could use for decor! Super simple!

A vintage crock filled with evergreen boughs next to a vintage lantern and a wire basket filled with firewood

To add some more holiday appeal I dug through my Christmas decorations and found a wood sign from an Instagram giveaway that I won and some glitter deer that I’ve had for a couple years. These items won’t stay out for the entire season because I know the dog will get to them as soon as someone is not looking but they are a great addition for this picture and for when the dog is not outside!

And lastly here is a wide shot of our front porch, I don’t show this very often because our “front door” is a sliding door and not the prettiest. We do have a traditional front door to the left of the stairs but we never use it and no one ever goes to that door. It’s on the to-do list to someday change out the slider and install a traditional front door but ya know one DIY project at a time!

A wide shot of wood stairs leading up to a covered porch of a blue house with a bench and stair spindle snowflakes

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  1. I saw a few spindles like this at an antique store the other day I bet I could totally do this! They turned out so cute. Of course, I love the color the best.

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