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Week 4 of the One Room Challenge has come and gone and I am just getting this blog post out to the world. Life has been a little crazy lately so I have come to the conclusion that it is what it is! So today let’s get to talking about this twin bed frame makeover. This twin bed frame was actually part of mine and my sister’s when we were kids. The bed frames can be stacked to make a bunk bed and each of our kids has one of the bed frames.

An end of a bedframe leaning against a saw horse

However these bed frames are from the 1990s and definitely were showing their age with the original oak colored stain. So I knew that the bed frame should be painted and given a more updated look to go with the rest of the room. I could have purchased a new bed frame however I wanted this room makeover to be as inexpensive as possible and since the current bed frame was completely functional I didn’t see the point in getting a new one.

A view of the top of a bed frame with a hole drilled in the top

This twin bed frame had holes in the top as that is where a dowel would be placed so that the beds could be stacked. I used wood glue to attach the dowel and then Justin sawed off the dowel with a multi-tool.

A close up picture of a dowel glued in the top of a bed frame

To start with after taking the bed apart I started sanding the entire bed frame with an 80 course grit sand paper with my orbital sander. This removed the stain very well but the surface was still pretty rough so I then went over the entire frame with 120 grit sand paper (the higher the grit means the finer the sanding will be).

A close up of a sanded bed frame
A side view of a sanded bed frame

I had not yet decided on a paint or stain once I had finished sanding so I experimented with a dark walnut stain, just applying a wood treatment and then a grey stain. Justin and I both decided that we liked the grey stain the best.

An above view of a bed frame with caning laid on top

In addition to the new stain I also wanted to add a headboard to the bed. To do this we built a rectangular frame out of the same wood that we used for the board and batten. To add some texture to the headboard I ordered some caning from Amazon.

When using caning you will need to soak it in water to soften it to unroll it and be able to work with it.

An above view of a rolled up caning in a bathtub
A back view of caning that has been stapled onto a bed frame

I used a stapler gun to attach the caning to the back of the headboard and then trimmed away the excess with a scissor.

A close up view of caning attached to a grey stained bed frame

The caning was the perfect addition to the headboard. I love the way it looks. And most importantly Addie really loves it.

A front view of a bed frame with a headboard attached with caning

I realize it does look a little awkward with the headboard and the way that the railings are on the head of the bed but the railings won’t be seen once all the bedding is on.

A headboard attached to a bed frame with the mattress bare of sheets in a room
A side view of a grey and caning headboard against a green wall
A view from the end of a twin bed frame that has a bare mattress and a grey and caning headboard

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