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Welcome to Week 2 of the One Room Challenge. If you haven’t read my previous post about my plans for our laundry room, you can read all about that first. That post includes an inspirational/mood board that I put together, although some elements may change along the way but for the most part those are my ideas.

A view from a doorway of a laundry room wall painted brown with a flourescent light above and a teal door leading outside

This second week for the laundry room is all about painting. I decided to start on the walls because I wanted to get the painting done and over with. I am not a huge fan of painting a room so I wanted to get this done first. And because I am changing the majority of the elements in the room I wanted to paint first so that I wasn’t getting paint on any other surface.

A view of a laundry room with a bank of brown cabinets and a brown wall with a white ceiling and a long flourescent light in the center

The color I chose for the walls is called Evening White by Behr paint. I recently painted our kitchen in the same color and I had a gallon and a half leftover and so I figured why not use what I already had.

I taped off the ceiling to begin and used a feather duster to gather any cobwebs. The ceiling will need to be touched up because I was being lazy the last time I painted four years ago.

A laundry room wall painted a light gray with a white ceiling and a flourescent light above and brown cabinets

Once I had moved the furniture I got to work on painting. Once I had the first coat of paint on I quickly realized that I would need to do two coats of paint because I could still see the brown color through the first coat in spots and it was blotchy in other areas.

A view from a doorway of a laundry room wall painted brown with a flourescent light above and a teal door leading outsideA gray wall with a brown floor and a bench in the foreground with a teal door in the background and a coat hook shelf above the bench

The wall with the exterior door and window is unpainted because that wall is going to be done in wallpaper. I also left the corner by the closet unpainted because the wainscotting will be extended to the edge of the trim.

Next week I will start on the wallpaper accent wall. Keep following along each week to see the progress on the laundry room for the next eight weeks. Also come follow me on Instagram: @1905farmhouse where I am also sharing behind the scenes of the entire process!

And don’t forget to follow along with all the other amazing contestants and featured designers of the One Room Challenge.

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