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The Spring One Room Challenge is here! I participated in the One Room Challenge (ORC) several years ago when I gave our laundry room a makeover. I decided to join the challenge this Spring to give my daughter’s room a desperately needed refresh. Both of the kids bedrooms were given a pretty hefty makeover when we moved in back in 2016. The bedrooms hadn’t been used in years so we had ripped out carpet, wood paneling and fluorescent lighting. Our daughter, Addie, was 3 years old at the time and she had picked a pink as her wall color so we did that on the bottom half with the intention to install a chair rail, well fast forward almost 7 years and the chair rail never was installed. 😳

Girls bedroom before pictures with white walls on top and pink on the bottom with a window with curtains to the left
A girls bedroom corner with her bed and bulletin board on the wall
A view from inside a girl's bedroom to the small hall outside the room

Addie is now almost 10 years old and she definitely needs a room that is more fit for a young girl. There will be several areas of her room that will be getting a complete makeover including her walls and bed frame and then some decor and desperately needed storage solutions round out the rest of the room.

Here is my To-Do List for this Makeover:

  • Wallpaper top half of room
  • board and batten wall feature on lower half of walls
  • New dresser
  • Paint desk that we already have
  • New desk chair
  • Swap locations of doll house and dresser
  • Pegboard above desk for storage
  • Add bedroom door
  • Paint current bed frame

I have also created a mood board using Canva to have a visual of all my decor ideas.

A mood board for a girl's bedroom makeover

The first step for the room is to figure out the board and batten wall feature. Because I want to do a pegboard over her desk I may need to only do the board and batten on half the room. So at the moment I am still figuring out logistics on this feature.

A view of a brown dresser in a girl's room next to the door

Once the board and batten is decided I will be ordering the peel and stick wallpaper and installing that on the upper half of the walls. This room does have some odd shapes where the ceiling slopes but I will be leaving those as part of the ceiling. This bedroom also has an attic access that is in the corner of her room that leads to the attic access over parts of the house (this is what you get when you live in a 1905 farmhouse that has been added on to over the years). I haven’t yet decided if I will be leaving the doors of this as white or if I will be having them blend in with the rest of the walls.

A view of a girl's bedroom white built in closet

One of the biggest issues to tackle in this room is going to be storage. Addie is not quite ready to part with her barbies, doll house, dolls, Legos, Hatchimals, etc. (She is my child that loves her toys and collections). I don’t mind her love of imagination and playing but we need a better system to organize all the chaos.

A view of a nook in a girl's bedroom

Currently there is this storage bench in her room that currently doubles as a nightstand, this will be staying as it can hold a lot of her toys. There are some toys stored under the bed but they are harder to reach at times. I will be getting a rolling under the bed storage to help with this and then it will be easier for her to find and see all her things in one spot.

A close up of a white bench used for storage in a girl's bedroom

The current bed placement may change but at the moment I am planning to leave it. My son’s room is right across the hall and they can see each other at night which gives them each a piece of comfort.

A view of a bed in a corner with a window to the right
A view lengthwise of a girl's bedroom

In addition her current dresser placement is not ideal as it makes the walkway into her room very narrow. So we will be switching out the placement of her dresser and the dollhouse.

Her closet built in will stay the same however I will be ordering an organizer for her shoes/slippers and any items that don’t fit in the under bed storage.

A view of the underbed area of a girl's bedroom

Here is my current plan timeline (all subject to change as most DIY projects do!)

  • Week 1 (this post): Mood board/Plan
  • Week 2: Board + Batten DIY
  • Week 3: Wallpaper Install
  • Week 4: Paint bedframe and Desk
  • Week 5: Bedroom Door Install
  • Week 6: Pegboard Install
  • Week 7: Storage and Decor
  • Week 8: REVEAL!

I can’t wait to take you all along on this fun DIY ride over the next 8 weeks.

Sharing is caring!

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