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The final week of the One Room Challenge is here and that means our laundry room is complete! Almost. Haha. All the big changes are done but I still want to make a cushion for the shoe bench and I have some touch up paint on the ceiling to do and to add the main door back that I painted white back on this room. But other than that, we are done and it feels soooo good. The majority of this post is going to be a lot of pictures of the before and afters to give you a sense of where we started and how far we came to get to this laundry room reveal.

The picture below is what it looked like before I started the paint. We had painted trim and add the wainscotting and some decor but other than that the floors, cabinets and florescent light had remained the same.

A full room view of a laundry room with blue cabinets, wallpaper on the far wall, a rug down the center and white closet to the right
A view of a laundry room with a bank of brown cabinets and a brown wall with a white ceiling and a long flourescent light in the center
A side view of a laundry room with blue cabinets, white marble countertops, a gray backsplash and a new sink and faucet

Looking at the before and after pictures is a little crazy for me because I know that Justin and I put in a lot of sweat equity to transform this room but it just amazes me where we started and what it looks like now!

A view from a doorway of a laundry room wall painted brown with a flourescent light above and a teal door leading outside
Looking towards an exterior door with a wall to the right with a coat hook and needlepoint on the wall and a grey bench below with white wainscotting on half the wall

The closet that has the water heater and other storage had brown closet doors that I just added some trim to and then painted white to match the rest of the trim.

A view of sliding brown sliding doors
A view of white painted closet doors with trim added to one
Looking down at a grey shoe bench with raw wood insets and a runner rug and a rug near the door with a plant next to the bench

I gave the brown shoe bench in the laundry room a makeover as well. It had blue and brown cushions that I donated and then I gave it a makeover with grey paint and raw wood trim glued to the insets (full tutorial on this coming soon). And now I want to make a long cushion to go on the seat.

A close up view of two embroidery designs that have been framed in a natural frame hung next to each other

These framed embroidery designs are from my Grandmother, I believe she or my Great-Grandmother did these and this was something special I was able to add. I love the vintage look of them and being someone who has done cross-stitch I know how long these type of pieces can take to complete.

A coat rack with a woman's brimmed hat hanging along with a brown leather backpack with a plant sitting on top the coat rack and a cross stitch of quilts hanging next to the plant

I used two of my own cross-stitch prints as decor in this room as well. They are both laundry room themed so I thought they fit well

Blue cabinets with a stainless steal faucet and sink with a marble counter
A floor view of a grey shoe storage bench with a green plant to the left and runner rug to the right
A view above a washer and ryer to show a shelf and a laundry room sign and a vintage washboard hung on the wall with a window to the right
A view of a runner rug on the floor of a laundry room with a bench and black rain boots to the left and blue cabinets to the right

I was very excited to purchase a Ruggable rug for this project. These rugs are machine washable!! I have been wanting one for awhile and figured this was the perfect time to get one, it has a Velcro like backing that you peel the rug off of when you want to wash it. This is a perfect addition to this laundry room/mud room since we have the exterior door that is used a lot.

A view to a ceiling in a laundry room with a marble countertop cabinet to the right and a white closet to the left

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I love how clean this room works. I did have to get real life for y’all and show you the room after I had styled the room and taken photos. I brought in everything that would normally live in this room like my craft cart where I do all my Etsy shop stuff, the cat litter box also lives in here permanently. There are usually shoes are usually on the floor. The countertop usually has my craft stuff and there is usually a laundry basket on top of the dryer.

A close up of a drill and basket sitting on a laundry countertop
A view into a laundry room with shoes on the floor and a craft cart next to the door

I wanted to show that although it looks super spotless and clean that is not what the room looks like during our day to day life. But it is so much better than it was, I love it and I am glad that we are done!

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  1. Wow, it looks so great Amy! I recently completed a laundry room makeover too but it’s not up on the blog yet. I love that you used your family heirloom cross stitch pieces along with those you have done. I cannot do cross stitch, I am WAY too impatient and want to shred it after just a few stitches! haha!


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