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Today I wanted to take you all on a tour of my parent’s old wood barn. This barn was built in the early 1900s and has stored so many things over the years. My parent’s live at what use to be my Grandparent’s farm, they moved in a couple years after my Grandpa passed away back in 2003. Some of the barn’s insides remain untouched from when Grandpa lived there. I have fond memories of going into the barn with my cousins to fetch the banana seat bike and take off down the road toward the creek or the orchard. (Side note: Did anyone else have a banana seat bike? Weren’t they the best!)

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Outside Barn Tour

Over the years the outside has been modernized some with sliding metal doors and one whole side of the barn is no longer wood and is metal sheeting. The birdhouses were built by my brother and added over the years. At each end of the barn on the outside are also owl boxes for the resident owls in the area.

A closer up view of barn front, faded red in color with small birdhouses mounted all over the front

Barn Tour: Inside

There are vintage reminders around every turn, the old tractor of my Grandpa’s that I call “mine.” I don’t even know how to drive it! LOL but the point is that it is mine! It doesn’t currently run but I would love to see if we can get it running someday.

My Dad’s old gas tank that he has had for years now is on display when walking in. There are big old windows, sliding doors and wood of all kinds.

A red vintage Flying A gas tank
A Case tractor sits with other items piled on top
A view inside a wall of a barn with vintage single pane windows and metal siding

You may have heard me mention in previous posts that the barn is my go-to source for all my wood shelving or building projects at my house. So much wood and so much potential! There are all different woods, in different conditions and different sizes. I can usually find something that will work for a project I have.

A view in a barn loft of a completely covered floor of wood of all shapes and sizes

Working Farm Treasures

Because this was once a working farm there are remembrances around each turn including hay ladders and elevators, irrigation pipes and old signs of when u-pick strawberries were grown in the fields next to the house.

A view up in the barn of an old hay elevator sitting in the rafters
A dusty pile of old metal wagon wheels, a bed frame and other vintage treasures
An old wood sliding barn door leaning against the galvanized metal wall of the barn

I hope you enjoyed this preserved journey into the past. As I have time I like to go “pickin” to see what treasure and can find to add to our house.

Do you have a parent, grandparent or relative who has a barn or shed like this? Are there any treasures you have found?

Sharing is caring!

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