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Have you ever wanted to make your own family pajamas around the  Christmas season? It seems to be the new thing every Christmas season that the whole family is in matching pajamas, or at least all the kids are in matching pajamas. I decided this year to create my own with my Cricut. When I have bought matching pajamas in years past it’s been over $100 on family pajamas and to me, it’s just not worth the price to pay up to $40 for a pair of adult pajamas, at some places.

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So this year I decided to do cousin pajamas, and I found an awesome website with pajama solids or “blanks” so that I could put any design on them. The site is, they have tons of cotton blanks, and then you can use any cutting device to create an iron-on design.

Materials Needed to Make Matching Pajamas

On I found a great selection of patterned and solid pajama pieces and I was able to find sizes for all my nieces and nephews and for my kids since they’re all varying in ages/sizes. Once all the pajamas had arrived I washed them according to the instructions. A note on sizing: my son (he’s 9) did not like how tight they were. So if your child does not like a snug-fitting pajama I would go up in size from the regular size.

A Cricut cutting machine with a gray iron on being cut

I found an elf design in Cricut Design Space that I loved that I thought would look cute for all of them. I measured each one of the shirts to see what size of design would look best. My son’s design (he’s the oldest) was a little bit bigger than the design for the youngest two are 5 months and 8 months so their’s I had to shrink the design down a little bit by just measuring to see what size would fit best.

A black onesie laying on a grey pad with a piece of cardboard inside the onesie on a countertop

I always seem to have a stash of iron-on vinyl and so I cut all the designs out using all of the same red and green iron-on pieces. I used my Cricut Easy Press but you could also use an iron for this as well. Make sure to put a piece of cardboard between the shirt so that the back of the shirt does not stick when you iron the design on.

A close up of a red elf hat with a clear film overtop
A heat press on the left with a child's black shirt on the right with an elf hat ironed on
A red elf hat ironed onto a black shirt

And then it was time to wrangle all the kids for a picture! I took the pictures myself and had some printed for gifts for my parents.

A close up of two black shirts with an elf hat that says Santa's cutest elf with a pile of red pants to the right
A blonde girl on the left and a boy on the right with matching black and red pajamas

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