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I have not done a master bedroom update in a while so I figured to start the new year I would give an update on all our progress in this room. But first, let me take you back to what it looked like previously before we had done anything. I did a blog post several years ago to ask for help with what to do. And you can read all about the first Master Bedroom Refresh here.

This room did not have any overhead lighting and only two outlets on the exterior wall so when we decided to move the bed we had bedside lights hardwired in.

We painted the entire room with some white paint we had leftover from a previous project and then I picked up some Behr clearance paint to create an accent wall for the wall the bed would go against. Unfortunately, I do not know the name of the color because it was clearance paint.

All of the carpet was ripped up and we installed new vinyl plank flooring that you can read all about in this blog post. The initial plan when we first moved in was to add onto the bedroom and split the only bathroom in the house in half. The reason is that the master bedroom is very small about 12′ x 9′ and there is a door that leads into our only bathroom in the house. We had received a quote for remodeling but it was gonna be about $80,000 to add onto the master bedroom, add a walk-in closet, split our bathroom in half, and all that would require changing the roofline and moving a window in my daughter’s room. And well it’s just not in the budget right now so that’s why we kind of went with this lower budget option, so that we at least had a room that we enjoyed.

Some more changes that were made was to paint all the trim white (which I am doing in the rest of the house as well), we installed a new door that swings out as there was no room for it to swing in once the bed was moved. I painted our nightstands that are not solid wood but a cheaper mixture of laminate and wood. The nightstands are not high quality but they are great for what we needed at the time as we have had them for 10 years since we were married.

A gray blue nighstand with a drawer with a gold knob and gold trim around the top

Because of the switch in the furniture, I was able to place my cedar chest back into this room. This cedar chest did not fit when we originally moved in here and we stored it at my parents’ house. This piece of furniture is very near and dear to my heart as my grandfather made this. He made each of his granddaughters a cedar chest (hope chest is what we call it) when we each graduated high school. It is filled with a lot of vintage, and sentimental pieces.

A brown cedar hope chest with an off white sheepskin rug on top
A brown hope chest sitting at the end of a bed with a sheepskin rug on top and a rug underneath

The sheep rug on top was a wedding gift to us 10 years ago and I brought it out once we brought the hope chest over, gave it a little cleaning and a little brush down.

Since we moved the bed and changed the floors I added a rug underneath and I like the feeling of a rug in a room. It gives a sense of coziness to me.

View of a queen size bed from near the floor with a blue, white, gold flecked rug on the lower half of the picture

The original ugly metal blue blinds are still in the bedroom. And we installed these curtains that are floor-length so that it makes the room feel bigger. I left the metal blinds because this window faces the east and the sun can be very bright and Justin is not a morning person so it bothers him to have the light so early! So we compromised and we just haven’t added anything else at the moment to replace the blue metal original blinds. Hopefully soon!

The rest of the room has not changed much and there are several items on the to-do list. I am currently in the process of painting the trim around the closet. Justin’s dresser needs a makeover and some type of organization for the piles of stuff and hats that accumulates on top. We added the TV as our anniversary gift this last year, it is not the prettiest looking thing but it is convenient to have.

Once the closet trim is painted I will be adding a drop-cloth curtain since the doors are not able to be used anymore due to the dresser being in the way. There is also the small closet that is under the stairs, and this needs to painted and have the door put back on it. We are going to do a sliding barn door since it can’t swing out either due to the bed.

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Lot’s more to do so look for another Master Bedroom Update Part 3!

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