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Today we’re gonna talk all about laundry rooms and my vision for our upcoming laundry room renovation. When we first moved in we were focused on getting the main living areas of the house refinished. The laundry room did get a new coat of paint and we recycled wainscoting that my parents had left from their old house and I painted white. And on a whim a couple years ago I did paint the interior of the door that leads to our backyard. But other than these minor changes nothing else has been done to the laundry room. I am doing this laundry room renovation as a guest participant for the One Room Challenge, I am very excited to see all the amazing people who are renovating rooms in their homes during this 8 week period. This is my first time participating in the One Room Challenge and I can’t wait to get started!

The One Room Challenge is a twice yearly event that challenges featured designers and guest participants to makeover a room in their home in 8 weeks.

Now this year I have been itching to get this room looking a little more modern. (Goodbye 1980s) A couple months ago we added the shelf above the washer and dryer. But the cabinets are still brown, the floor is still a brown linoleum that was popular in the 80s and this flooring goes into our kitchen and hallway leading to our garage. I am a visual person and like to see all my ideas for a room in one location so I created a laundry room inspiration board in Canva. Below is a picture of what it looked like shortly after we moved in.

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I’d like to create a focal wall on the far wall with wallpaper. It took me awhile to choose the wallpaper, I had several ideas in my head and also budget to consider. This is a peel and stick style wallpaper which I think is great if you rent or if you just want to change up a room for a season. The exterior door will get re-painted white, because this room is getting entirely re-done the blue would clash with everything.

A mood board with gray and blue paint picks, wallpaper, and hardware choices

The cabinets will get a new look with paint and new hardware. I originally had planned to paint the cabinets white, like I did in the kitchen but I decided to do a bolder choice with dark blue paint and rubbed gold hardware.

The countertops are still in the planning process. I am either going to do a concrete overlay over the existing laminate or I want to do a painted countertop to look like Carrera marble, with an epoxy on top.

A man kneeling on a brown linoleum instlaling brown wainscotting on a wall
A close up of brown wainscotting installed on a wall

The flooring in the laundry room, kitchen and hall to our garage will all be changed out as well during this makeover. Because this flooring goes throughout the kitchen. It just made sense to do all the floors at once and I am very excited as I have wanted to change these floors since we moved in.

I will be getting blinds or a Roman shade for the window above the dryer. As for the window on the door I am not going to get a window cover for this as I like the natural light that comes into this room.

Some of the other accents in the room: the shoe bench, cross-stitch art on the wall, and the hook shelf is going to stay the same. I may decide to paint the bench someday but for right now I will leave it this color and the coat hook shelf is one of my favorite DIY’s so it will stay the same.

A laundry room as pictured from the door towards a blue exterior door and a brown floor with a brown door on the right

I do want to change up the decor accents in this room, currently I have some vintage copper pieces displayed and a couple of signs but I will find a new space for those and I will hang up a vintage washboard and one of my own signs that I make for the wall behind the door.

Laundry Room Inspiration Sources:

  • a new rug from Ruggable (a washable rug!) will be added to the floor
  • Paint from Behr Paint
  • Peel & Stick wallpaper from Wall Pops
  • Vinyl Plank Flooring from Home Depot
  • New lighting (haven’t decided on the exact light fixture yet)
  • Rubbed gold hardware from Etsy
  • Concrete coated countertops with Quikrete
  • A new laundry sink

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  1. Hi Amy! Yay for fresh laundry rooms! I love that you have a sink and window to let in the light. We have very similar design styles. I look forward to following along!

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