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The summer months are here and without the scheduled structure of school I am sure you will have kids like mine who ask: “What are we going to do today?” This summer we decided to make our first Summer bucket list that includes all the fun kids summer activities that we can all participate in. This was a super easy project and a great way to visualize what there is to do and what we have done.

The bucket list itself is very easy to put together, all you have to do is grab a sheet of paper or like me I used a butcher roll of paper we had and just added a title and then had the kids help me list out the activities. I’ve shown some pictures of our bucket list and then also put together some of the boredom buster activities we have that I made sure were added to the list.

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Yardzee Game | Water Balloons | Origami Folding Kit | Tie Dye Kit | Sidewalk Chalk | Large Bubble Ball | Slip N’ Slide | Large Bubble Wands | Find and Seek Scavenger Hunt

The items listed above that will be new experiences for us will be the big bubble balls, the large bubble wands, find and seek and the origami kit. I know most of these items are for use outside but I liked to include some items that can be done indoors during those days that its too hot or if it happens to rain (we live in the PNW so it’s always a chance).

A close up of a white paper with black writing of a summer bucket list

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