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We are in week 2 of the One Room Challenge and my plans have already shifted from the original plan just slightly. As we were trying to decide the placement of the board and batten we started talking about this closet area off of Addie’s room that leads to the attic access. I started talking with Addie about turning the area into a kids reading nook with some fun lights, carpet, new paint and seating.

Just a note: the reading nook is partially completed, I will update the pictures once all the furnishings have arrived and the lights are in place and we have finished the trim.

A side view in a room with a pair of white doors on the left

This little closet area had a pair of doors that we decided to keep off so that it will feel like a part of the room. There is an attic access in the ceiling and another one on the side that will need to stay there. I decided to paint the entire nook white so that those attic access areas will blend in and so that the space will look brighter. Back when we first moved in we had dry walled this area so the current grey is primer.

A view of a closet nook that leads into an attic filled with bins and bags of storage
a view of an empty closet nook that has grey walls with a brown door to the left inside the nook

I found two partial gallons of white paint from Behr (colors: Whisper White and Papier Blanc) and mixed these together because I knew I wouldn’t have enough of one color to paint the entire area. I had to apply two coats of the paint to the entire area. I used primer to paint the doors of the attic access areas and then applied paint.

A painted white closet nook

For the flooring we had some carpet leftover from when the kids’ rooms were re-carpeted and so I cut a piece to fit in the bottom of this little nook.

A front view of a closet nook without the doors and painted white

Because I didn’t want to deal with adding electricity to this area I found battery powered lights to hang up in this area for when she needs to have them for reading. However after they arrived I realized I didn’t want to be replacing batteries constantly so I am going to send the lights back and find some new lights.

In addition to the lights and the carpet I knew the area needed a place to sit so a bean bag chair was the best choice. It hasn’t yet arrived but will be here shortly.

Addie has a lot of stuffed animals, she did go through them and has chosen those that she wants to give away but there is a large amount remaining. I found a corner macrame hanger to go in this nook area and another macrame hanger for her room so that they can be in two locations.

Although the spot isn’t completely finished she is very excited for this fun room transformation.

An above view of a girl sitting in a nook with a blanket and a book
A blonde girl sitting in a nook with a blanket and a book

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