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Alright for all the other creatives out there, ya know when you have an idea in your head and you can visualize it but you need help executing said idea? Well, that is where this project started. I had this vision in my head for an indoor plant hanger to hang in our laundry room where we lack usable counter space for a plant.

So in my head, I pictured a small wooden crate-like square that hung from the ceiling by rope and that a small plant could cascade out the edges and the plant could be easily removed for watering.

The laundry room in our house receives a fair amount of natural light from the East and my idea was to have it hanging above the dryer right next to the window.

I am a visual learner so when someone is explaining something or start talking numbers I need to see it or see the measurements before I am able to visualize what the said item, etc will look like.

Well, I drew this picture on our chalkboard wall of what I was envisioning of the indoor plant hanger stand in my head so that Justin had an idea of what to build. But once we started digging through our scrap piles he made me realized that in order to support a potted plant and still be made out of wood the way I wanted it to that it would have to be bigger and sturdier than what I was originally thinking.

So a change in my vision of the wood plant stand came about but that is ok, I was still excited to forge on with this project. Again we used scrap wood pieces that we found in our barn and leftovers from other projects.

Because I wanted to have this hang from the ceiling I wanted to make sure the rope could be tied through the top of the wood and be secure with a plant and pot inside. Therefore when we were picking through our scrap wood we chose some old wood spindles from the ramp we took down in the garage. These helped brace the structure so that it ended up being bigger than what I pictured.

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Supplies Needed To DIY An Indoor Plant Hanging Stand

To start we cut out the bottom out of plywood and the side rails and gave them all a rough sanding since we were using scrap wood some of them were in rough shape. I knew I wanted to paint it so I wasn’t too concerned with the wood pieces not matching.

The rail pieces were screwed in from the bottom, first Justin pre-drilled the screw holes so the wood wouldn’t split.

The top railing was the last piece attached before I painted the entire piece. I used Rescue, Restore paint in Southern Gentleman, this is a chalk-based paint and my absolute favorite for all my projects now.

After the two coats of paint dried I had Justin help me by screwing holes through the top railing so that we could attach the rope.

A close up of a drill bit drilling through the top of a wood plant stand

This rope comes from Amazon and it is a nice cotton rope and heavy enough for hanging.

As mentioned above because I am such a visual person I needed to see how long the rope needed to be before we made any cuts. I knew where the hook would hang in the ceiling so we attached this first. And then I had Justin hold the plant stand at different heights so I could get an idea of how far from the ceiling I wanted this to hang.

A wood slatted plant stand being held by an arm near a window in the corner of a wall

I ended up cutting the rope at 3 feet and stuck it through each hole and tied knots. To help thread the rope through the holes I used regular scotch tape and wrapped this around the end so that it didn’t fray as I tried to put the rope through each hole.

A close up of a wooden rail with rope tied into a knot with a piece of scotch tape attached to the end
A close up shot from above of a square plant stand with rope strands coming out of the top

To tie off the top I just combined the four strands and tied them into one big knot. I may end up changing this and maybe adding a ring or braid but for now, this will do.

A close up of a hanging plant stand that has a pink plant inside

I originally had envisioned a plant with trailing leaves but I haven’t gone to the garden store to pick out one yet so, for now, I placed this Cyclamen plant in the stand and I really like the color that it adds to the laundry room.

A wooden plant stand hanging above a washer and dryer in the corner of a room with a window in the background
A wooden square plant stand hanging from a ceiling in the corner of a room with a window the right and wall behind it
A gray wooden plant stand hanging from a ceiling with a cross stitched picture on the wall behind it and a window to the right

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