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I have a weak spot for flour sack towels. I don’t why. Maybe it’s all the potential of those that are white or the pure simplicity of those with ticking stripes. Or maybe it’s because one of my favorite craft stores packages them oh so cutely all tied up in a cute fabric strap bow. The store is called Craft Warehouse and we have several locations here in the Portland, OR area. There are also multiple locations in Washington and Idaho. They are a small family run business and I just love going there because they always seem to carry unique items that you can’t find at other big box craft stores.

I picked up some of these flour sack towels about 2 years ago. (Insert embarrassed face here!) I had every intention of transforming them from the plain white towels to something beautiful and I did, it just took a little longer than originally planned. (You know kids and moving and well life). More recently I found some rubber stamps that I thought would make a good design to add to some of the towels.

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Step 1:

Wash and iron your towels. I washed mine before hand but was so anxious to get started that I didn’t iron the first one, not a huge deal but it would have been easier to apply the stamp to a flat ironed surface.

Step 2:

Choose how you will want your design to look. I knew I wanted to use the small flower stamp first so I did a random pattern and then freehanded some leaves next to each flower.

Flower stamp using fabric medium and applying to flour sack towels

Important Note: Any type of acrylic paint will work but you will want to make sure you use a fabric medium. This helps the paint to adhere to fabric better and once it is heat set it will be permanent and won’t wash out. You will want mix 2 parts paint to 1 part fabric medium. I used a paint brush to paint onto the stamp but you can also just apply as if you were using an ink pad.

Flowers and leaves painted on a flour sack towel
Lady bug tea towel with rubber stamps

Step 3:

After your design has dried you will want to heat set your towel. This is an added step that will seal your design and ensure that it won’t wash out.

Heat seal your design on the flour sack towels to keep it from washing out

And now your towels are ready to use or display.

Incredibily easy tea towels using rubber stamps and acrylic paint





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