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We all know that paint instantly brightens and freshens up a room (at least I think most people know that.) Well, the same goes for furniture, trim and doors. And in our laundry room, the door that leads outside was not in bad shape but had signs of wear, tear, and dings since it is metal and it was very blah! I knew I wanted to paint it, and not just any paint, I wanted it to be a bold color. Which is big for me considering all the neutrals in the rest of the house. I fell in love with all the door searches I did on Pinterest of all the possible door paint options out there. But one picture I kept going to again and again was an aqua colored door. So I figured why not! If I end up hating it I can always repaint it right!?

This project was super easy, affordable and can definitely be accomplished in a weekend.

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Materials Needed


Laundry room door before with a pale gray color but otherwise in good condition

Step 1:

Clean the door. I used a Clorox wipe initially and then realized I wanted to make sure it was really clean so I mixed up a small amount of my TSP cleaner. This is a strong cleaner that has a degreasing agent in it.

Our door has a window in it so I did need to remove the plastic frame that is over the window. I ended up just spray painting this to cover the yellowing damage that the sun caused.

Yellowed window frame before being updated with spray paint

Step 2:

After the TSP has dried you will want to tape off any areas that you don’t want paint, like hinges and knob/lock. Because of the way this door is hung I knew I wouldn’t need to remove it from the hinges. Another plus is that this paint dries quickly so you could open the door to paint and know that it will be dry at the end of the day or sooner.

Equal parts of mixed Decoart Curb Appeal paint in Farmhouse White and Harbor Blue

Step 3:

As I mentioned in the material list I used two different colors of the DecoArt Curb Appeal Paint because I wanted an aqua color. They didn’t have the shade of aqua I envisioned so I mixed my own using equal parts of their Harbor Blue and Farmhouse White. This was my first time using this paint and I couldn’t be happier. One of the reasons I chose this paint was that it mentions that it applies well to metal and since this door is metal on the interior I was concerned about streaking.

When painting any door with recessed areas you will want to paint those first

Step 4:

When painting a door you want to start with the recessed areas first with an angled brush. Then you can use a foam roller to paint all the flat areas of the door. A foam roller works best as it has no mat and is designed specifically for doors and cabinets. I ended up using two coats on this door to get the coverage I wanted. Again this paint dries fast so I was able to do two coats in about 2 hours.

A beautiful aqua blue metal door that brightens up the laundry room

Step 5:

Remove tape while the paint is still a little wet, this is so you won’t peel any paint off the door that may have stuck. I also needed to screw the window frame back onto the door.

And then stand back and admire your masterpiece! Justin was a little shocked when I showed him the door as he had no idea that I had planned to paint it at all let alone this color! But I love it and that’s all that matters in your decor choices, that you love it!

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    • Hey Debbie! I combined the white and blue to create the lighter color, I would say in total I used 1 container of the paint for both coats, I hope that helps!

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