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Have you ever wondered how to order paint samples online when you don’t want to go into the store? I have only ever ordered paint samples from Home Depot but it was so seamless and so easy and I am sure most paint stores are very similar. In the area I live it only took a couple days for the paint samples to arrive which was a huge plus in my book. With our busy schedules, and with the kids schedules after school activities, it was just easier to order online instead of going into the store. Another reason I like to order online is that I get a little overwhelmed when I have so many colors to choose from. You can read my previous post about how to choose your own paint colors. But let’s go back to how to order Behr paint samples online.

As I have mentioned before Behr is the only paint that I have used in our previous home and in this one. It is my go-to paint brand. And to order paint samples you go online to their color screen and you can see what a certain color will look like in your room, if you’d like.

An above view of four paint samples can opened and having gray shades of color

I ordered the Behr paint samples for our kitchen. When choosing my color I knew I wanted gray, but I wasn’t exactly sure what shade of gray. So, I went to the gray section on the website and just chose from the paint colors that I was immediately drawn to. Then, when I clicked on the color I went to choose sample, and then only ordered four different samples.

A close up of two white papers painted with gray shades of paint with open paint sample cans sitting above the papers

The reason I chose only four colors for my samples is that I find that the lesser number of samples are easier when helping decide. I find that for me personally I get a little overwhelmed when picking colors, so I chose only these four.

Once they arrived, I actually painted each color on some watercolor paper, because it’s thick like cardstock so that I could see the colors in different parts of the room. If you do this any type of white cardstock would work, a white is best so that it won’t distort the color of your paint. So to help me decide on which color I wanted to paint my walls, I then positioned each sample paper on the wall with some painters tape so that I could see what those colors look like in the room. Once I did this they could immediately tell which shade of gray I could eliminate right away.

A close up of a white piece of paper laid on kraft paper with open paint samples sitting on the right

I the moved the samples to another spot in the room because the lighting in most rooms changes as the day goes on and of course at night when you have your artificial lights on in your house. I ended up leaving these samples up for several days so that I could get a better idea of living with the color.

Four paint samples painted on paper hung on a wall above a kitchen table with a mug rack on the right and a copper display on the left

I am so glad I did the samples like this because the one color that I thought was going to be way too white when I opened the sample ended up being the one we liked the best. The color was called Evening White and when it was painted on the sample paper it looked great.

A close up of four paint colors painted on white paper hung against a tan colored wall

This way of painting samples was very helpful and a time-saver because without permanently painting colors on multiple walls and then having to repaint over them later.

Choosing paint samples via computer may not be for everyone and you can definitely go into a store and choose paint samples, I would just recommend choosing now more than six paint colors so that you don’t get overwhelmed by all the color choices.

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