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Did you know you can use your Cricut machine to create your own stencils? This is one of the things I use my Cricut for the most. One of the reasons is because I have an Etsy shop but I have also found that I love using it for my own personal projects, and in my own personal decor. So let me teach you how to make stencils with Cricut.

Supplies Needed to Make Cricut Stencils

Cricut has their own stencil material which I like to use for this. It’s not as sticky as regular vinyl, and I like this because it does not ruin any type of stained or painted surface where you are applying your stencil.

A close up of a roll of blue Cricut machine stencil material

To show you how this works I am going to create a simple sign to show you how the stencil material works. I decided to make a sign for our One Room Challenge laundry room makeover. I grabbed a piece of wood from my stash and I just went on to Cricut Design Space and chose one of their designs that I wanted to paint onto this piece of wood.

I chose the dimensions to fit the sign. With this stencil material you don’t have to mirror it and just use the vinyl setting on your Cricut machine. When weeding the stencil you will be weeding opposite of what you normally would think you do, because with normal vinyl, you weed the excess.

An above view of a blue cutting sheet, a handheld roller and a vinyl Cricut roll on the left
An above view of blue Cricut stencil vinyl on a cutting mat
An action shot of a Cricut machine cutting a blue material
An above view of blue Cricut stencil vinyl

Once the weeding is done you will use transfer paper to attach to the stencil in order to transfer it over to your surface. As you can see I did paint my surface black and sealed it with a matte sealer first. I seal it before because it will help the stencil material to stick better to the surface.

A close up of transfer paper being pulled off a stencil design
An above view of a hand hold a scraper over a gridded transfer sheet

I used my scraper to get the stencil stuck on the surface and make sure it’s snug on there. I like to use a chalk/clay paint from Country Chic Paint. It has the matte look when dry. I used a sponge brush to apply the paint.

An above view of a stencil with white paint over the stencil on a black surface

I did have some issues with the stencil wanting to lift up in some areas where the design was thinner so I did get some paint leaking but I just touched this up once I removed the stencil. I also applied another coat of sealer after this so that the entire surface was sealed well.

An above view of a black board with a stencil with white painting

And now I have a beautiful design made with my Cricut using the Cricut stencil material.

A laundry sign with white lettering on black hanging above a shelf above a washing machine
A close up of a black sign with white lettering hanging in a laundry room

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