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I love the summer months when we can get outside and play, lounge and run in the sprinklers. So image my excitement when I was out our school’s silent auction a couple months ago and saw a Yard Yatzhee game. I immediately thought this would be fun yard game to play all summer long. I bid on it right away and kept making my rounds to see if I was still on top, if I wasn’t I would go in and bid it a little higher. Everything for it came in a bucket and I thought “how neat!” Well, when it came time for the table to close an acquaintance from our church swooped in and bid higher than me. I was bummed but it’s for a good cause. She felt bad but I told her that’s the fun of silent auctions!

So I did some research and found all the pieces to make my own! And for cheaper than I would have paid for it at the auction. See everything happens for a reason!

Supplies Need to Make Yard Dice Game

I used my Cricut to create a label for the outside, something fun but also that identifies what’s in the box. I purchased the dice from Cricut Design Space for $0.99. You definitely don’t need a Cricut or other cutting machine to do this, you could just write directly on the bucket or use a piece of packing tape as a label to write on it.

Vinyl cut outs of black dice and the words "yard yatzhee" on a white background

Now I originally wanted to make my own wood dice but when I started searching Amazon for the playing card I found wood dice in a pack of 6 for cheaper than I knew I could make them. And I didn’t have to take the time to sand them and paint on the dots. And these are some high-quality dice. You won’t need 6 but this way you have an extra one in case you ever needed to replace one. Or ya know to use it for your regular board games for those with bad eyesight! (HaHa!)

An above view of inside a bucket with wood dice and a scorecard

As I mentioned above the game card came from Amazon and is laminated so that you can use a dry erase marker and use it over and over again. I used a hole punch, twine and washi tape to attach the marker directly to the game card so that it won’t go missing.

And there we go! Now we have a fun yard game to play during the spring and summer.

Here is what I ended up spending on the whole project:

  • Wood Dice: $20.99
  • Yard Yatzhee scorecard: $7.85
  • Bucket: FREE
  • Dry erase marker: Already had so FREE
  • Dice design from Cricut Design Space: $0.99
  • Outdoor Vinyl: Already had on hand

TOTAL: $29.83!

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