How to install Vinyl Peel and Stick Tile

How to successfully install peel and stick vinyl tile over existing laminate

If you are an avid follower of the blog you saw the recent bathroom reveal. If you aren’t an avid follower, why not!?! J/K! As I promised here the full tutorial on applying the vinyl peel and stick tile that we chose.

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Let’s take a look at what it looked like before:

1980s laminate tile before the update

Laminate flooring before the replacement with viny carerrea marble

We removed all the trim before installing the new floor since we knew that we wanted to have new trim. I swept the floor and I brought in the shop vac so we could be sure all the dirt was off the floor. I then mopped the floor really well with my Shark mop. It was now time for install.

Stick on carerra marble flooring from Home Depot

Materials Needed:

Step 1:

I have to admit that Justin was the one who installed the flooring. I was just there for moral support and to hand him necessary items.  Ya know like a good assistant! Be prepared to do a lot of measuring and cutting, especially if you have a lot of corners like we did. He started in the corner and worked towards the center. If you have ever installed the click-lock faux wood flooring, it is very similar. We ran it in a simple pattern so the tiles were offset. Start with a full tile and the ones to cut will be near the walls.

Installation of vinyl peel and stick tile is a slow steady process

Step 2:

Use tile spacers to make sure all the tiles are even for the grout lines. Luckily until you press the whole tile down they are forgiving. You just want to be methodical with the spacers. If you are doing a similar project and don’t want grout lines you can just butt the edges together.

Use tile spacers if you want to apply grout for a more finished look

Vinyl tile installation in progress will transform any bathroom

Step 3:

Next step is grouting, since we used pre-mixed colored grout the only prep was to vacuum and sweep the floor.  Justin had finished installing the floor late on a Sunday night so the grouting didn’t happen for a couple days.

Applying grout to vinyl Carrera marble

Fusion Pro grout that is pre-mixed and ready for application is a quick and easy way to finish vinyl tile

Justin used a putty knife but any type of grout knife will do. The tile box did contain instructions on applying grout. The most important is that you don’t want to apply the grout all over the tiles, just enough to get the grout into the grout lines. Make sure you go over the lines in several directions with your putty knife to make sure the grout is fully penetrating the lines to avoid air bubbles and skips. Then using the sponge and a large bucket of water wipe off the extra grout from the tiles.

Applying grout to carerra marble tiled floor

The grout directions state that you want to wait at least 7 days before getting any water on the floor. And although this was a slight inconvenience it was definitely worth it to have such beautiful floors. And we are lucky enough to have my sister live right down the road who let us use her shower.

We finished off the floor by installing new 4″ MDF trim to the entire room and then painted and caulked to finish the room.

And now we have such a great updated space that I love walking through each day.

Finished grout and tile project makes a great budget bathroom update

Finished vinyl tile peel and stick flooring

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  1. We had installed similar style tile in our master bad/bath. We also grouted. We had a valve break and flood our house. The mitigation company pulled it up and said it was a lot of work to do so, but the sub floor had no water damage where the tile had been. The tile/grout did a great job protecting it. I love the marble design of yours.

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