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Our master bedroom has been a work in progress from the start. It was very dated when we moved in, you can click here to see the entire post from before. There was brown carpet, unpainted white walls and it was the last room we ended up tackling.

You can see the the master bedroom reveal here. But let’s get back to talking about how to install vinyl flooring in detail. After the carpet was pulled Justin and I spent a couple of nights pulling staples from the floor.

A man kneeling on the floor removing staples from a subfloor

Now, this subfloor like all the other floors in this house was uneven, although not as uneven as the flooring in the kitchen (but that’s a whole other story!) The flooring we chose for the master bedroom was different than the one we installed in the pantry and office. The flooring we installed there was a laminate wood floor with a backer and Justin had a heck of a time (that’s an official DIY phrase, lol) trying to install this floor. It was because the unevenness of the floor caused the pieces not to fit properly together. And just made for a more challenging time.

So when it came to our bedroom floor we decided to go with a vinyl laminate plank flooring that is a little more forgivable. The planks are more malleable so the installation process Justin said was 1000x easier, and that he would definitely install this type of flooring again. It’s held up well over the last year although our bedroom is not a high traffic area. But I love the look, and if you have slightly uneven floors I would highly recommend this type of flooring.

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A wide shot of a bedroom, with a closet with no doors and a subfloor with trim still attached

So let’s get back to the how-to. After the carpet and pad was pulled we took out the carpet tacks from the sides and pulled up all the staples. We then swept and cleaned the entire floor before Justin started on the new floor.

A close up of a gray vinyl flooing plank with a man's hand using a straight edge to measure a cut spot

The new floor planking was pretty simple. There is no glue or nails involved (yay!) and no separate padding that is needing to be installed before. The vinyl can be cut with a box cutter to the length needed. To install the pieces a rubber mallet was helpful to make sure the pieces clicked together. The floor floats on the surface of the subfloor and will expand and contract

A close up of a man's hand holding a box cutter and actively cuts a gray vinyl plank on a subfloor
A wide shot of a bedroom with a window on the upper right and partially installed vinyl flooring

Once the floor was completed the trim needed to be re-installed. We had torn out the original trim that was along the floor and we made sure to label it with numbers around the room so we would know the order the pieces went back into place. I ended up putting a rug over top the floor where our bed was because I do like the feel of carpet under my feet. And we have a beautiful floor that we all love.

A close up of a heat vent opening with vinyl plank flooring installed surrounding it
A close up of vinyl plank flooring installed

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