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Have you ever had a birthday party, wedding, or another even that you bring a gift to and realize you have the gift but nothing to wrap it up with? I find myself having this come up multiple times over the years, there are just some gifts that I don’t want to just put in a gift bag and that I want to have in a box and wrap up neatly with a  bow. The problem I usually run into is that I never have ribbon or bows on hand and it is never something I remember to pick up when I am at the store.

So today as part of the DIY Project Challenge blog hop for June’s theme of “fabric” I am sharing a super simple way to create ribbon from fabric. I seem to have a huge stack of random fabric pieces always and this is a great way to use some of those pieces that I don’t have any specific idea for.

This project is super simple and will give your packages a homemade/DIY feel which I personally love.

If you don’t happen to have a fabric stash like I do you could always check out thrift stores or garage sales for fabric. Also fabric stores like Jo-Ann’s usually have an area near their cutting counter that contains what they call “remnants.” These are brand new pieces of fabric that came off the board but weren’t big enough for most people to want. And the cool thing is that you can find some for as little as a couple of dollars.

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Materials Needed To Create Fabric Ribbon

As you can see from the above material list you don’t need more than a couple supplies to make this project!

The first step will be to collect the fabric you want to use for the ribbon. Grab a scissors and create a small cut at one edge of the fabric at the width you want the ribbon to be.

Blue fabric with tiny hearts and linen type fabric with purple design sitting on a whitewashed table
Blue fabric with small hearts spread out and a close up shot of a tip of scissors cutting into the fabric about 2 inches in from the edge

Fabric Tip: I have a specific pair of scissors that I use just for fabric, this way they always stay sharp and won’t dull being used on other projects. I even have them labeled “Fabric Only!” This way if anyone picks them up by mistake they will know that they should only be used for fabric.

Once you have the small slit use both hands to tear the fabric off in a strip. The fabric may fray slightly, I cut any strands that very loose but I like to keep the fray to give it a shabby, worn look.

Blue fabric with small white hearts being torn

I like to wrap presents with plain kraft paper, it is usually more inexpensive than traditional wrapping paper and I can use it on other craft projects.

A pile of fabric cut into ribbons sitting on a whitewashed table

This time I made multiple ribbons and rolled them up so that when I have a gift to wrap I am ready to pull out some of the fabric ribbon to use right away!

Rolls of multi colored fabric sitting on a table

I hope you enjoyed this simple and easy DIY project for your gift giving. Check out all the rest of this month’s fabric DIY projects below!

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14 Comments on How to Create Fabric Ribbon for Gifts

  1. Clever idea to use scrap fabric and make a pretty gift bow. Thank you for sharing, I am pinning it!
    Have a great week,


  2. I love how simple and fun this is. I have always loved things wrapped in simpler butcher paper instead of store-bought papers.

  3. I love this, it’s such a smart way to save money and not have to go out and buy your own ribbon!

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