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One of the biggest questions I get from people is how to choose a paint color for a room. And I am here to tell you that there is no magic formula to choosing a color. Choosing a room’s paint color is all up for interpretation based on your own preferences. But don’t fret I am going to walk you through how I choose paint colors for any room and make it less overwhelming.

If someone is really struggling to choose a paint color I would first direct them to Pinterest and search for the room you are wanting to paint and then use the term “paint colors” after the room. So for example search “kitchen paint colors” or “master bedroom paint colors.” This will help narrow down your choices to the specific room.

If you happen to know the color you like but not the exact shade it can help to search blue kitchen or gray kitchen or green bedroom for example and then see what photos pop up. I would then create a specific board on Pinterest dedicated to the room you want to paint. I would suggest naming it kitchen paint colors (or the name of the room you want to paint) and then start saving pictures to the board. Once you have about two dozen or so pictures I would suggest stopping otherwise you could get overwhelmed.

I would then suggest taking a break from looking at the pictures you have pinned and come back the next day or in a couple days to look at your board. That way you can see if you still like the paint colors you’ve chosen and you can delete those that you may not love anymore.

Now that you have pictures of the colors you like you can click on the pin to see if there is a blog post that tells you the color or go to your favorite paint brand website and find a color that closes matches the pictures you have chosen. My favorite paint brand is Behr that you can get at Home Depot. I love everything about their paint, the entire interior of our house has been painted with Behr and it has lasted for over 4 years and wipes clean of kids fingerprints really well.

The last step would be to either order paint samples through the paint brand’s website or to go into the local paint store to pick the samples you chose.

I have done both but my favorite is to order samples through the website, this way I am not tempted by the vast number of paint cards of color as all the colors can be very overwhelming. I usually choose four colors when buying samples, all within the same color family so that I can sample these on the wall before deciding which paint color to choose.

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