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Indoor plants and house plants are all the rage right now. And to be honest I love it! I’ve always been someone that had a house plant of some sort in the house. And it all started with my Grandma giving me a cutting of one of her plants. I’ve highlighted my house plant guide for beginners. In my opinion, these are plants that are easy to care for and will survive even if there is a little neglect.

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My number one is a Peace Lily. This plant actually came from my Mom from a florist gift from when my son was born in 2011. The gift was a little terrarium with multiple green plants. So after we brought him home, I noticed the plants were a little crowded. I wanted to split them up and planted them each by themselves and I still have all of them to this day. Lily of the valley grows white flowers at times but for the majority of the time has beautiful green leaves. But please note this plant is poisonous if eaten by children or pets, so keep that in mind before purchasing this one. I have children and pets but I haven’t had an issue.

A cactus looking green plant in a light green pot sitting on a white fireplace

The second one is a Christmas cactus. This is actually from a cutting from my mom and my aunt. I use to have two of these plants but one of them did die. That goes against what I just said, above, about being easy to care for but this was entirely my fault as I had it in a very dark area of our house and so it did not get much light. I love this Christmas cactus, it blooms every year around Christmas (hence the name). My Grandma always had a Christmas cactus so it’s kind of a family tradition for us to think of Grandma if we have a Christmas cactus. There are different colors of blooms, mine is pink.

A close up of a long trailing plant on top of a cabinet
A long trailing pathos houseplant sitting on top of a blue cabinet with a white pom wreath on the front of the hutch

This next plant is a pothos. I brought this to work, years ago to sit above my desk, because I didn’t want my kids when they were younger to pull on it or try and eat it. Again, this has survived even with some neglect. There are times I’ve forgotten to water it and then the next time I see it and maybe looks a little bit yellow-leaved, and I will just give it a quick water, and it has always come back, and it does well because it sat in artificial lighting for a long time, my office at work only had a small window so there was not a lot of natural light that came into the office. I brought it home after I left that job and now it sits on my hutch trailing down, the leaves are still a little yellow but it is growing new ones all the time.

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A close up of a purple blooming African violet with leaves below in a white pot on a green stool

My next favorite is the African violet. Now a lot of people might tell you that these are hard to care for. And I have to say that I’ve never had a problem with them. I have an aunt who has always had African violet she had them along her windows so in her house. And I just loved them their leaves are very fuzzy kind of soft looking and mine has purple flowers. They are also African violets that have pink flowers. Again, it’s one of those that I’ve forgotten to water at times and the next time I see it, drooping a little bit I’ll give it a quick water, and it always comes back.

The majority of my houseplants I keep in our living room, which has windows that face East and West. I think this helps with the plants and that’s why they have done so well is because there’s a lot of indirect sunlight that comes in the morning and afternoon.

A spiking green leaved plant in a terra cotta pot

This next plant is again one that my Grandma always had. It is called a Bromeliad. This one was actually from a cutting from her plant that I’ve had since college. I graduated from college in 2006 so that tells you how old this plant is. I have re-potted it once which could be why it’s only grown this much, it’s definitely thrived a lot more that I’ve moved it more into this corner next to the other plants, where it can get the direct sunlight. It has not yet bloomed but does grow new leaves. Sometimes the leaves turn brown and so I just cut those off.

A close up of a white pot with a green aloe vera plant sitting on a shelf

The last plant I wanted to share today is an aloe vera. This plant is very easy to grow, needs once-weekly watering, and can be broken off and used on sunburns. There are many other uses for aloe that I can’t wait to share with you soon!

I am always looking for new and fun houseplants. It is somewhat of an addiction! I also have an orchid. This was a gift from someone I worked with but I have not had that much success with it. It is still alive and will grow new leaves but has not re-bloomed. At one point it did look like it was going to flower again and then it never did so I still am holding out hope. It sits in our bathroom near the privacy window so it does get a lot of light and I water it about once a week.

So those are my houseplants and I have compiled a list of those and other houseplants that are easy to care for and grow:

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